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In our selfie obsessed world, many people are less than pleased with how they look in those snapshots.

A renowned Houston plastic surgeon has developed what he calls the “Facebook Facelift” some folks just might “Like.”

So how many takes do you do before posting that #nofilter selfie?

Ann told KPRC 2, “I’m on Facebook and Facetime and Skyping  and my concern is the way I look on social media and it’s something that more people are using every day and I don’t think I look so good from the angle that my phone shows and my computer shows.”

Ann remembers a Facetime chat with her daughter in Atlanta that was particularly jarring.

She said, “(My daughter) was like, ‘What’s going on with your neck?!’ because I think when you (Skype), you’re shooting it from this angle and you see things you normally don’t see when you’re trying to take your own picture.”

Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose said, “I think with social media being omnipresent in our lives, people just want to look better.”

Dr. Rose said many people, particularly women, are less than pleased with their appearance on social media.

He explained, “Particularly on Facebook and Facetime (we can do) lifting procedures. You can see (Ann’s) neck is very ‘crepe-y’.  There’s a lot of loose skin here.  So this should be a nice, straight forward procedure to get this (area) lifted and rejuvenated.”

Ann, who is newly single, is getting a facelift and eyelid rejuvenation.

Dr. Rose said, “We’re taking certain fat transpositions that have growth-factor components and of course we’re able to keep the incisions tucked well behind the hair.  So you really won’t see any scars.  After about 10 to 12 days, she’ll be able to Facebook and Facetime all she wants.”

Ann said, “I hope there’s a big difference!”

According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, facial cosmetic procedures are up nearly 10 percent with the biggest rise seen in women in their twenties.

Some experts attribute that increase to the popularity of social media.

As seen Monday on KPRC channel 2 with Emmy Award-winning journalist Rachel McNeill on the morning news show!


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Social Media-Motivated Plastic Surgery Procedures are on the Rise

Selfie photo of Ann BEFORE her "facebook facelift" surgery

Selfie photo of Ann BEFORE her “facebook facelift” surgery

HOUSTON, TX; August 2015 – Does it take you countless tries to get that perfect “selfie” on your phone, and does your neck look worse than you thought in your Facetime chats?
It’s not uncommon for people to want to change what they see in the mirror. However, an increasing number of women have started seeking to look more beautiful on social media and dating websites.

Often we see patients who seek a nose job to look better in photographs for an upcoming event such as a wedding or graduation. More and more, patients are visiting the plastic surgeon desiring to improve specific problem areas of the face that often don’t represent well on instagram, facetime, skype, and facebook tagged images, specifically the neck, cheek and jowl areas.

Houston-based plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose has developed a set of procedures he’s calling “The Facebook Facelift” for those patients who are unhappy with how they present to the digital world. His specific techniques address the aging neck to create a more attractive look for facebook, facetime, instagram, and selfie portraits.

Ann is one such patient, who, recently divorced visited Dr. Rose to improve her appearance as well as appeal more youthful and vibrant on social media dating websites as well as on facebook.

“With social media continuing to grow in popularity such as Facebook and Instagram, certainly I think images are more prevalent than ever,” said Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose of Utopia Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa.



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