FOX NEWS: I Asked My Doctor to Make Me Look Like My AI Avatar Filtered Photos

Social Media Filter-Motivated Plastic Surgery Procedures Still on the Rise

Julia Gibson, fitness competitor, and owner of Illuminate Sweat fitness center opted for plastic surgery by Dr. Franklin Rose to look more like her filtered social media photos.

ICYMI: Here’s a link to the story as aired on Fox Morning News:

See her results after surgery by Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose this Wednesday on Fox 26 Morning News with Emmy-award-winning journalist Melissa Wilson

HOUSTON, TX – Being “Instagram-ready” has just leveled up! Lensa AI’s new “Magic Avatar” feature is all the rage online … and in plastic surgery offices, where some patients are willing to pay for those images to become them in real life!!!

“I typically never post an unfiltered photo on social media – I just look so much better with a filter.” Said Julia, “I have friends that I haven’t seen in a while call on the phone and ask me if I have had plastic surgery because my pics look so flawless, so it occurred to me, why not go ahead and get the procedures done! After the work I had done by Dr. Rose, I no longer feel the need to filter my face and body in my photos before I post them on Instagram.” 

“With AI selfie filters and other face-altering technologies continuing to grow in popularity on social media, certainly these requests are more prevalent than ever,” said Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose of Utopia Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa.

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