Bachelor Pad’s Erica Rose hosts party to benefit the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation

The “Bachelor Pad’s” Erica Rose hosts preview party at Capitol
Original story By Lindsey Love [Houston Chronicle]

Bachelor Pad's Erica Rose hosts preview party at Capitol
Dr. Franklin Rose, Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose, and Reality TV Princess Erica Rose. Photo by Herb Hochman
One of the Rose cocktails Photo: Dave Rossman / © 2012 Dave Rossman
One of the Rose cocktails Photo: Dave Rossman / © 2012 Dave Rossman

Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad Fans got up close and personal with Houston’s Reality TV Star Erica Rose and Friends for a private screening of ABC’s Bachelor Pad 3 on Monday, at The Capitol at St. Germain in Houston. Donations from this special screening party benefited The Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation, to help patients and families affected by cancer.

Reality TV veteran Erica Rose breathed a sigh of relief after surviving another elimination on ABC’s “Bachelor Pad” Season 3. With her BFFs in tow, Rose hosted a viewing party at Capitol for Monday night’s episode and, no doubt, some of the dolled-up dames were disappointed that Rose’s “BP3” competition Kalon McMahon was MIA. Supportive friends and family (Brother and local hero Ben Rose, Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose and cousins Mary and Hilary Rosenstein) gave a few quid for the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation while enjoying a floral-inspired affair – with rosetinis and feathered centerpieces – created by planner Lily Paxton And Erica has not been the only family member to gain some fame. According to her mother, silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose, Season 1 “Bachelorette” Trista Sutter – now a mom of two – recently underwent a mommy body make-over via father Franklin Rose, MD. Incidentally, Dr. Franklin Rose also performed plastic surgery on “Bachelor” and “Bachelor Pad” alum Vienna Girardi (a nose job in 2011).  –

Spotted mixing and mingling in the fashionable crowd were Emily Arnim, Leslie Karp, Taiven DeRiso, Amy Ditta, Autumn Ayers, Paula Brown, Adele Piliszek,  Renee Dillenseger, Jerilynn Calvo, Ben Harwood Rose, Diana Fisher, Wayne and Ann Buss, Jeremy Anderson and Brandi Phillips, Frederic Malle, Leslie Tyler, Bethany Buchanan, Kathy Minix, Anita Guerra, Rafael Guerra and Kirsten Guerra.  See the slideshow photos here:

“Fact: Erica Rose is the best thing that’s happened to The Bachelor franchise since Chris Harrison found Jef Holm wandering the streets of Williamsburg. She’s hilarious, spunky, usually drunk, and at this point we love her more than pizza.”

Tyler Rudick re-capped the show for Houston’s CultureMap:
I enjoyed a slight change to my usual screening of the Bachelor Pad last week, taking advantage of a rare occasion to watch the show alongside one of its most legendary characters, Erica Rose.
Holding court in the main dining area of the Capitol at St. Germain, the Rose family gathered for a special BP watch party to help raise funds for the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing free reconstructive surgery for cancer patients. More than 50 other guests responded to the Rose’s invitation to the event, which asked for a $20 suggested donation.
According to several sources close to the Houston reality star, Kalon Joseph Reid McMahon was driving to California this week and was unable to attend the benefit party. Attempting to redeem himself after a dramatic dismissal from the recent season of The Bachelorette, McMahon is rumored to have made it (very) far on the current Bachelor Pad.
In compliance with Bachelor-branded contracts, however, friends and family were tight-lipped.
The show had just started when I spotted Erica Rose, who was watching the televised version of herself attempt to maneuver through an awkward Olympics-themed challenge centered on rhythmic gymnastics — that branch involving the ribbons and hoops.
When asked what lessons she learned from her first go-around on the Bachelor Pad last summer, Rose discussed the importance of maintaining friendships and alliances before talking about the always unpredictable challenges, one of which was unfolding before our eyes at St. Germain as contestants on the show put together their routines.

“Coming into this season, I knew how important the challenges are,” Erica Rose said. “You can’t count on them, though, if you’re not naturally good at some of these events.”

It turns out that rhythmic gymnastics is not Rose’s strong suit, an unfortunate reality that earned her last place in the challenge . . . and a vote against her in the show’s elimination round. Luckily, when twins Erica and Brittany fail to reconcile their differences and voluntarily leave the show, the women’s elimination round is canceled and Rose is safe, crystal gavel and all.
I asked if she would return to the small screen for yet another season of Bachelor Pad. “That would be a little excessive,” she replied before turning her attention back to the episode.
For the most part, aside from a quick obnoxious comment during the ladies’ gymnastics performances — “Shopping and gymnastics, like what the fuck else do you have to do in your life?” — Kalon kept a low profile as he shacked up with fellow contestant Lindzi Cox, whom he is reportedly dating.
Episode two ended with the departure of 32-year-old virgin Ryan Hoag, with both Houston reality stars marching on to next week’s show. – Tyler Rudick
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