BBL-Brazillian Buttock Lifts feat. Dr. Franklin Rose on Fox News

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Women aim for a curvy look with plastic surgery

Emmy Award-winning Anchor/Reporter Heather Sullivan of FOX 26 Houston spoke with Dr. Franklin Rose on Wednesday about the importance of choosing a board certified PlasticSurgeon to perform these types of procedures.

Houston, Texas: – Brazilian Buttock Lifts [BBL] are the fastest growing trend in plastic surgery – “#BBL Buttocks are the new breast implants,” Dr. Rose said. “The American Society of Plastic Surgeons tracks statistics of cosmetic operations and Brazilian Buttock lifts are increasing in popularity by over 400% since 2017.”
The Brazilian butt lift trend in plastic surgery involves body contouring and fat transfer to harvest fat from certain areas of the body to the buttock area.
Claudia came to Dr. Franklin Rose at Utopia Plastic Surgery and Med Spa in Houston for her new curves.
“It’s very common for us to do liposuction, tummy tuck, maybe even some breast work at the same time we’re doing the buttock lift,” Rose said.
Rose did liposuction on Claudia’s mid-section and injected that fat into her buttocks for the “Kardashian” curve. The recovery? Just a long weekend.

“You’re just doing the liposuction and fat grafts to the buttocks, quick. Do it on a Thursday, go back to work on a Monday,” Rose said. These BBL Brazilian butt lifts are in high demand in Houston. Rose performs up to four of them a month. He adds, however, that not only are silicone injections illegal, but they’re also unsafe.



Claudia Sierra after Houston BBL by Dr. Franklin Rose
Dr. Rose's patient Barbara before and after Brazilian Buttock Lift
Dr. Rose’s patient Barbara before and after a Brazilian Buttock Lift
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