Biggest Natural Breasts in Texas

Biggest Natural Breasts in Texas

‘I feel amazing’ Houston woman shares the story of her 16-pound breast reduction


It’s now been one week since the life-changing surgery, and Renee Lawrence says she feels “amazing.”


^^watch the before breast reduction surgery video as aired on KHOU Houston^^

^^watch the AFTER breast reduction surgery video as aired on KHOU Houston^^

HOUSTON — For Renee Lawrence, getting a breast reduction wasn’t cosmetic. It was medically necessary.

The Houston mother’s natural cup size was 36 O.

When KHOU 11 shared her story last week, hundreds of women with similar issues joined the conversation on social media, sharing their stories about living with back and neck pain. Many cheered Lawrence on in her journey towards becoming more comfortable with her body.

It’s now been one week since the life-changing surgery. She went from an “O” to a “D” cup.

“If you had the same symptoms I was having, the same feelings I was having. I’m telling you, you’ll have the same smile as well, because I feel amazing,” Lawrence said.

The Houston woman says her chest has always turned heads. For years, she’s dreamed of getting some relief from the back and neck pain.

Dr. Franklin Rose, her plastic surgeon, says the procedure wasn’t cosmetic in Lawrence’s case; it’s medically necessary.

“It’s called gigantomastia or macromastia, which means an abnormal overgrowth of breast tissue,” said Dr. Rose.

“I’d say it’s 10 to 15 times more than the average tissue removed,” Rose said.

Although her case is unusual, Lawrence knows she isn’t alone in how she feels.

“My motto is if you don’t like what you see in the mirror, change it. If it’s something where you feel like it’s too expensive, insurance does cover things like this procedure,” Lawrence said. “I’m so excited to go through this transition. It’s life-changing.”

Lawrence said 16 pounds of breast tissue was removed during her breast reduction.

Her plastic surgeon, Dr. Franklin Rose, said her case involved removing more than 10 times the standard amount of breast tissue.

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“Biggest Natural Breasts in Texas” to have Breast Reduction

Dr. Rose to perform says it may be the largest breast reduction procedure in his 30+ year Career

HOUSTON, TX; June 24th, 2021 – Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose is scheduled to perform significant breast reduction surgery on Renee Laurence, who currently measures at a bra size of 36OOO (triple O). 
Dr. Rose states that this will be one of the largest breast reductions in his 30+ years of practicing medicine in Houston, encompassing over 3,000 breast reductions.  Dr. Rose estimates that he will remove over 15 pounds of breast tissue during her breast reduction procedure scheduled for June 24th, 2021.  
Biggest Natural Breasts in Texas

Dr. Rose’s patient Renee BEFORE breast reduction surgery

Photography by Laura Burlton 

Renee Lawrence, 36, looks forward to her breast reduction procedure and says it is something she has wanted to do for most of her adult life. Now, post-pandemic, Renee will not have to further postpone this procedure & is looking forward to looking and feeling her best in 2021. This often medically necessary procedure becomes more popular every year, however, until now, certain factors caused many patients to postpone procedures not categorized as life-threatening.
Recently, the world’s largest plastic surgery organization, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) released a report, “COVID-19’s Impact and Pent-Up Patient Demand Fueling the Industry’s Current Post-Pandemic Boom” predicting a huge increase in plastic and cosmetic procedures for 2021.

Says Renee: “I am beyond ready for a reduction for my large breasts that grew even larger after having a baby, they are not proportionate to the rest of my body. I feel it will be a huge boost to my confidence and self-esteem – while also providing me relief from the pain they have caused me physically; and am looking forward to being able to wear cute, normal clothes and getting my sexy back in time for some fun in the sun this summer!”

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