Why "Brotox" – Botox for Men Could be the Perfect Gift this Father's Day

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Make an appointment for Dad, and give him an unforgettable gift of Botox!

Keep Dad looking youthful with a couple of shots of Bro-tox.

Take the first step and make him an appointment, or even purchase units of Botox ahead of time.

This Father’s Day, spoil your Dad or yourself with a treatment at Utopia Medspa! 
Now until the end of July enjoy specials on the following:

  • TruSculpt iD – $950 off an ab treatment
  • Brotox – $12/unit
  • Dysport – $4/unit
  • $75 off any filler
  • Champagne Facial with Diamond Glow-$150

Call 713-622-2277 to make a FREE consult for DAD!


Happy Father’s Day from Utopia Medspa:

An increasing number of men are adding “BROTOX” – or – Botox for men to their Father’s Day wish lists this year. While in the past many cosmetic and “anti-aging” procedures were felt to be mostly for women, manly “BROTOX” is quickly growing in popularity for those like-minded men who wish to remain vital and youthful looking in an increasingly competitive world.

According to Men’s Fitness magazine; the number of men choosing to get Botox injections has risen 258% over the past ten years alone. These popular injectable treatments improve the appearance for men with wrinkles or frown lines that cause them to appear permanently tired or angry; and do not require any downtime like a facelift, which needs a recovery time of up to two weeks away from the office.

According to a recent study by the ASPS (American Society for Plastic Surgery) minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures for men such as Botox and filler injections like Juvederm have significantly increased in demand, and this may be in part due to a little “encouragement,” hints, suggestions, or inspiration from concerned wives or girlfriends; as well as the desire to remain both attractive to their partners as well as gain an edge up on their younger colleagues.

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