BOTOX VIRGIN: a True Account of What it’s Like the First Time by Christa Elcye


Thinking about trying #Botox for the first time in 2017? Read a #truestory about what it’s like the very first time & watch the LIVE video by Christa Elyce #BotoxVirgin
So you’re 30. Or about to be. You’re starting to notice little creases and wrinkle lines where your baby-like 20-year-old skin once was! Oh yes, even you can not hide from aging! It’s gonna happen to us all, BUT there’s no shame in preserving your youth! Botox might be the option for you, my little raisin! Considered a preventive procedure to decrease the appearance of lines over time. It’s best to start earlier than later when the wrinkle lines are already formed.
Here are some facts I found out today about Botox:
  • Botox has almost immediate results. Within a few days, the muscles in the injected area will stop moving.
  • Botox is only temporary. It can last up to 3-6 months. It is not an invasive procedure and super safe you can even do touch ups before you next full injection appointment with your physician.
  • For best results use the Botox. You can be sure that it’s the FDA approved Botox brand by the hologram looking label.
  • My physician strongly stressed that you shouldn’t trust Botox deals where units can range from under $12 a unit. These are usual off brands from foreign countries or diluted. It’s important to know where things come from that you are putting or injecting into your body.
  • Do not use any pain killers if you feel a headache from the botox.
  • Don’t massage the area where the the botox injections were done.
  • You can wear makeup to your Botox appointment. Your physician will use alcohol swabs to wipe the area before injections so bring makeup to touch up those areas if you want. This would be helpful if you’re going back to work right after your appointment.
  • No numbing is required.
  • In my research, before doing Botox I read that some physicians recommend light to no working out at the gym just before and right after your treatment.
Botox may not be for everyone and everyone’s experiences and results with it will vary. Talk to your medspa physician about your desire to have Botox. I can’t wait to see the results in the coming weeks and months as it decreases my appearance of wrinkles. I highly recommend it.

Thank you Dr. Franklin Rose‘s medspa and staff for this experience!
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