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My Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon!-Shahs of Sunset’s Lilly Ghalichi Dishes on her Blog

The Shahs of Sunset reality star Lilly Ghalichi called the “Persian Barbie from Houston Texas” by Bravo TV revealed what she calls her “best-kept secret” on her blog – her plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose:


“I get TONS of questions on my blog/website/social media pages asking who did my second revision breast augmentation.  I am NOT one of those girls that lies, or wants to hide/keep a good thing I found from other women, so today’s post is dedicated to telling you about the Plastic Surgeon that performed my breast augmentation.
My most commonly asked question by women, Who is the Plastic Surgeon That Performed my Breast Augmentation: Meet Dr. Franklin Rose of Utopia Plastic Surgery and MedSpa in Houston, Texas. As many of you may know, I have had more than one procedure due to complications.  Fed up and frustrated with the complications that kept occurring, and results I was not happy with, I was so relieved to find Dr. Rose.

So, I flew to Houston for the surgery (I lived in LA at the time), and I couldn’t be happier with that decision.  I had revisionary breast augmentation surgery done by Dr. Rose, and I can really highly recommend him.  He is artistic, talented, and will really spend a lot of time with you.  My breasts (high profile, 400cc gummy bear implants) are finally exactly what I had hoped for when I decided to undergo breast augmentation.
Dr. Rose is not only an incredible surgeon, he makes you very comfortable, is super informative, and his staff is friendly and is office is beautiful.
Well ladies, there you go, here is my best-kept secret as to who performed my breast augmentation, Dr Franklin Rose.  I hope this answers everyone’s questions :)”

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