Ivanka is the new “plastic surgery pin-up” – Review Yahoo Lifestyle, Beauty

ICYMI: In case you missed it – Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery featuring Dr. Franklin Rose was reviewed by Yahoo Lifestyle/ Beauty Yesterday Ivanka Trump is the new plastic surgery pin-up People are requesting the ‘Ivanka look’ Review the story https://au.be.yahoo.com/beauty/a/35387102/ivanka-trump-is-the-new-plastic-surgery-pin-up-yahoo7-be/#page1 … Continue reading

Woman Surprises Fiance With Breast Implants For Valentines Day

BY WHITNEY RADLEY– from CultureMap Woman Surprises Fiance With Breast Implants For Valentine’s Day- with help from Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose Houston, Texas-  Forget about the supposed “Grandest Romantic Gesture Ever.” Dr. Franklin Rose and the staff at … Continue reading