Favorite Dr. Franklin Rose Reviews Adrienne Maloof’s Before Plastic Surgery Photos in Star Magazine

Dr Franklin Rose Reviews Plastic Surgery PhotosStar Exclusive: Dr. Franklin Rose Reviews RHOBH Adrienne Maloof’s Before Plastic Surgery Photos from 1977 in a recent issue of the magazine.  Get an inside look at her former face behind the cover!

Dr Franklin Rose Reviews Plastic Surgery PhotosThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Bravo star is almost unrecognizable in the photo found from her high school days.  Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose was asked to review the photos to see what plastic surgery procedures she may have had done.

We can’t say for sure what procedures Adrienne, 51—who has settled her divorce from Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif-–has or has not done,  but her own sniffer is clearly half the nose it used to be, as Star’s exclusive, first-ever photo of her as a teenager indicates.

In the photo, taken while Adrienne was a teen tennis prodigy and attending high school at Albuquerque Academy in her New Mexico hometown, she boasts naturally dark hair and lovely, vaguely exotic eyes, a product of her late father George Maloof Sr.’s Lebanese heritage.  But just like her haircolor, Adrienne’s original nose is long gone.

Dr. Franklin Rose Reviews Plastic Surgery PhotosDr. Franklin Rose Reviews Plastic Surgery Photos“It appears Adrienne had a rather large nose when she was in her teens, so when she did get her nose job, I’m sure she was pleased with the results,” Dr. Franklin Rose (who has not treated Adrienne) of Utopia Plastic Surgery in Houston tells Star.  “But looking at her nose all these years later, it seems to me that there has been some cartilage collapse, which can give nostrils an uneven appearance.”

As to any other plastic surgery Adrienne may have had done in later years, Dr. Rose speculates that “she has had a chin augmentation, an upper facelift–and Botox, Botox, and more Botox.”  –Adriane Schwartz

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