Dr. Franklin Rose named the Michelangelo of Plastic Surgery by Houstonia Magazine

Mayra Leal: Star of Machete and patient of Dr. Franklin Rose is featured in the April issue of Houstonia Magazine – available on stands now

More from Mayra and Dr. Franklin Rose about this growing trend watch the videos (there are two) https://newsfixnow.com/2014/04/17/why-are-hollywood-starlets-flying-to-houston-for-plastic-surgery/

HOUSTON, TX –This month’s Houstonia magazine – available on stands now – notes that when Machete star (and Houstonian) Mayra Leal decided to enhance herself, she turned to “the Michelangelo of plastic surgery” – Dr. Franklin Rose Houston’s own plastic surgeon to the stars, having “done” everyone from Playboy centerfolds and Vogue cover models to movie actresses and contestants on “The Bachelor.”
Peter Holley, Associate Editor for Houstonia Magazine reports on plastic surgery and mentions that more silicone gel-filled breast augmentations are performed per capita in Houston than anywhere else in the world.

Dr. Rose- known for his work on dozens of celebrities from Houston and elsewhere- discusses the importance of choosing the right plastic surgeon and preserving a beautiful and natural look for his patients.

.But why would the Hollywood crowd come here to get the procedure done when plastic surgeons practically line the streets of La-La Land? Rose explains, “We are a little less expensive than some of my Beverly Hills colleagues, and sometimes, there’s the perception in Los Angeles that maybe you don’t get quite the individualized attention that you would get outside of Los Angeles.”
Film and TV actress Mayra Leal would probably agree. She recently went to Dr. Rose for a breast enhancement. Leal, probably best known for her all-nude performance in the 2010 film “Machete,” says despite getting her breasts enlarged from B’s to C’s, she doesn’t want to do any more on-screen nudity. “I wanna be taken more seriously,” she explains “I don’t mind showing them off, but not nude, if that makes any sense.”
To read more on this story, check out this month’s issue of Houstonia magazine: https://www.houstoniamag.com/arts-and-entertainment/film/articles/is-houston-the-boob-job-capital-of-the-world-2014

More from Mayra and Dr. Franklin Rose about this growing trend review the videos (there are two more videos here:) https://newsfixnow.com/2014/04/17/why-are-hollywood-starlets-flying-to-houston-for-plastic-surgery/

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