Dr. Franklin Rose Reviews

Dr. Franklin Rose Reviews & Patient Stories

From Hollywood to Houston to New York City patients rave about Dr. Franklin Rose! Receiving great reviews for his outstanding artistry and skill as well as his gentle and caring nature.
The reviews are in! Franklin A. Rose MD is a superstar plastic surgeon! Here are a few of his many great reviews.

Says Theresa, “Got my girls lifted over Thanksgiving and I’m in LOVE with my new body ** the freedom to not wear a bra is amazing **”

Impressed with Dr. Franklin Rose’s work on former morning show host Jessica DeBate; beautiful @TheresaRockFace; mid-day Radio Personality/Entertainer/Hostess of #Iheartradio 94.5 THE BUZZ visited celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Rose for a breast lift
Says Theresa, “I think every woman is like a Ferrari. You always want to keep it up to speed. Dr. Franklin Rose at the luxurious Utopia Med Spa in Uptown is the magic man … #ItsYourBodyYourBusiness

My life changing visit to Dr. Franklin Rose:
I lived a long time carrying some heavy lady assets! My back has paid the price and I made the move to get a well deserved lift. My Ladies have a new lease on life. I am more confident and can finally wear clothes that I have never been able to wear.The fact that I can do bra-less is AMAZING!!!!!!!!
Thank you Dr. Franklin Rose. He is one of the most popular Plastic Surgeons to many Reality Stars and Celebrities located in Houston, Texas. I’ve talked to women from California and beyond that travel just to see him.
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Everywhere I go I get asked who did my breast augmentation because they look so great

Rachel Asher after revision breast augmentation by Dr. Franklin Rose – photo by Tracy Hicks

My name is Rachael and I want to share my breast augmentation story.  I found Dr. Rose through a friend.  I had heard he is the best doctor in Houston.  I was in search of a good doctor because I was having pain in my right breast.  I had previously had a breast augmentation when I was 20 years old by another Houston doctor.  I contacted Dr. Rose and set my consultation.  Dr. Rose informed my that my previous doctor had over lacerated my right breast causing pressure on my nerve.  He explained to me that what he could do is cut further in and up; which meant going bigger.  I decided to go through with the reconstructive breast repair surgery.  Of course I decided if I was going to have them redone I was going to get the new silicone ‘gummy bear’ breast implants.  After  the swelling and bruising went away I was amazed by the look of them and the fact that I no longer had pain!
I work at Hooters and Dr. Rose had told me before the surgery that I would make the Hooters Calendar.  Well he was right!  I was picked to be a part of the Hooters 2014 calendar! I had planned on quitting Hooters, but I was talked into trying out for the calendar one last time.  I recently placed top ten in the Hooters Texas State Pageant and will now be going to the Hooters 2014 International Pageant and will be competing for the chance to be Ms. Hooters International! Everywhere I go I get asked who did my breast augmentation because they look so great.  Dr. Rose has truly changed my life.  The door for opportunities has been opened for me.  One thing I really love about the revision breast augmentation he did for me is the fact that he eliminated the gap between them that was there from my previous breast augmentation surgery.  I am more confident and have NO PAIN now!  I had my reconstructive breast augmentation in November of 2012.  I will tell anyone and everyone that Dr. Rose is by far the best in Houston!  Thanks again Dr. Rose!
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Dr. Rose did my facelift over 15 years ago, and I am still overjoyed with my results. People often comment to me how I look younger than I am. Thank you so much Dr. Rose!
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After the birth of my son I started struggling with my weight. I tried diet and exercise but found that no matter what I did I could not get my stomach back nearly close to what it was. I had considered a Tummy Tuck many years ago but it wasn’t until my Hysterectomy that I knew I had to do something about it.
I knew of several surgeons that could do the procedure but I was not completely convinced. I then made an appointment with Dr. Rose and felt that it was right.
Dr. Rose explained the procedure in detail before and after surgery. I had a lot of questions and he answered every one of them. I had a TUMMY TUCK, LIPOSUCTION and a BREAST AUGMENTATION and I am COMPLETELY SATISFIED!!!!
It has been an AWESOME experience. After the 5th week I was able to start running again. I have not missed a beat. No more insecurities about my body.
************** YOU ARE MY HERO****************

Great Experience!

I just have to share my wonderful experience with Dr. Rose! I was so nervous to have surgery but he put all my fears to rest and made me feel at ease.
I had no reason to be nervous because the results of my surgery turned out beautifully!
Dr. Rose always saw me personally at all my follow up visits and I didn’t have to wait long at my appointments to see him.
He is a kind, gentle, and wonderful surgeon and amazing person. Thank you Dr. Rose and for taking such great care of me before, during and after surgery. I am forever grateful for what you did for me! 🙂
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Definitely the best plastic surgeon in Houston

I took a lot of investigative work into the cosmetic surgeons of Houston before selecting the surgeon that I felt comfortable with changing my facial and body appearance. My friends who had the best breast jobs and face work done all had gone to Dr. Rose and highly recommended him. Other friends also recommended other surgeons but I did not like their work as it had seemed fake. The work done on me by Dr. Rose looks 100% real and I could not be more pleased. I highly recommend this surgeon.

Wonderful Doctor!!!!!!

I went to see Dr. Rose for a tummy tuck after having my three beautiful children. I was really nervous but his staff talked me through the whole process. I am so excited that I have my old body back and I can’t tell you how amazing I look and feel in a bikini. My husband has noticed a significant difference in the way I hold myself and the way I feel about my body, which is not a bad thing at all! Love love love Dr. Rose! Best surgeon ever!

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Dr. Franklin Rose
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Plastic Surgeon
Utopia Plastic Surgery & MedSpa
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Houston, Texas, 77058

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