Freezing and Storing Stem Cells Obtained During Liposuction Could be used to Combat Coronavirus

Combat the Quarantine15 lbs with a little liposuction and your future self will thank you!

HOUSTON, TX; August 2020 – A new study published by Aging & Disease reported that intravenous administration of stem cells into patients with COVID-19 resulted in improved outcomes. (Leng et al., Aging Dis, 11:216-228, 2020)

If the “Quarantine 15” has got you down with the added 15-20 pounds like many visitors to our office; Dr. Rose is extending the life-enhancing possibilities of your own stemcells for no additional charge to his liposuction patients for a limited time to help extend your health and your life! 

“Liposuction alone has many benefits such as reducing total body fat and BMI;” Says Dr. Rose. “Now, stem cells harvested during the liposuction procedure may be beneficial for many additional uses including a possible cure for COVID-19.”

Dr. Franklin Rose has teamed up with to share the benefits of medical advances by freezing or ‘cryobanking’ their stem cells harvested during liposuction.

“We at Forever Labs are following the studies using MSC’s to treat COVID-19 closely. It’s promising work. This pandemic underscores how important it is to plan for your future health needs. Having access to your own, best possible stem cells will be a cornerstone of good medicine in the future. People would do well to store their own, youngest possible stem cells.” Steven Clausnitzer, CEO Forever Labs, Inc. 

Liposuction-Key Fountain Youth
37-year-old yoga instructor and fitness trainer Jessica Archer looks forward to continuing her active lifestyle as long as humanly possible with the help of future developments in stem cell medicine

One such patient is fitness & nutrition coach, Jessica Archer, a 37-year-old certified yoga instructor, fitness trainer, nutritionist, and former bikini competitor. “I’m passionate about taking the best care of my body in every way. I was so excited to hear about how we could save my stem cells now for the future, I know decades from now, I’ll be grateful for this and how it will allow me to prolong my health and maximize my body’s abilities,” says Jessica.

“The use of stem cells to effectively combat sports injuries and other health applications has been growing in popularity,” Dr. Rose says. “Young stem cells are an incredibly invaluable asset that becomes more precious as we grow older, and so for the rest of her life Jessica will be able to draw upon her 37-year-old stem cells that we harvested during her liposuction treatment.”

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