Houston Hero Peace Officer Has Reconstructive Surgery by Dr. Franklin Rose

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Female Police Officer featured on the “Today Show,” and 2014 State of the Union Address in Washington D.C. was injured when shot in the face and chest – plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose repairs her wounds and scar tissue in Houston.

HOUSTON, TX – Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose performed necessary reconstructive surgery for Houston mom and hero police officer Ann Carrizales following her traumatic injury to her face and breast caused by gunshot wounds to the head and neck.
During a routine traffic stop in October 2013 Texas police officer and former United States Marine Ann Carrizales took two bullets at point-blank range resulting in traumatic injury to her chest when the kevlar pierced her “bullet-proof” vest causing a large disfiguring wound into the breast area. Nonetheless, she chased and apprehended the suspect even while terribly wounded.
Ann was also significantly injured when she was shot in the face as the bullet entered near the cheek area and exited near her ear-yet she still went after the bad guys- see the her dramatic story as aired on the Today Show:
Watch the video: https://www.today.com/news/shot-face-cop-chases-suspect-giving-not-option-8C11504098

Ann says, “The incident itself (taking the gun shots) was the easy part, compared to the healing process both physically and emotionally has really proven to be the most difficult aspect for me so far. The real challenge continues to be my journey back to health and healing which I do admit the resulting pain and trauma at times has brought me to my knees.  Dr. Rose has been an amazing help to me on this journey to help me feel better and I want to continue to share my story of healing with others.”
Noted Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose performed reconstructive surgery on Ann and repaired some of the significant and disfiguring damage due to her traumatic injuries on May 22. 
UPDATE: Ann’s story was featured on NBC with Emmy award-winning anchor Dominique Sachse on KPRC Channel 2 in Houston – Tuesday, July 8th at 10pm.

Emmy award-winning anchor Dominique Sachse
Emmy award-winning anchor Dominique Sachse


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