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Advances in Liposuction Could Hold The Keys to a Fountain of Youth!

Freezing and storing your stem cells obtained during Houston liposuction could combat age-related disease and even reverse aging itself:

Combat those extra holiday pounds with a little liposuction and your future self will thank you!

HOUSTON, TX; January 2021 – “New year, new you” may no longer be simply about living a healthier lifestyle in 2021 – with the help of emerging advances in stem cell technology, a medically achievable fountain of youth could be within our grasp.  

“Liposuction alone has many benefits such as reducing total body fat and BMI, and the use of stem cells to effectively combat sports injuries and other health applications has been growing in popularity. Now, stem cells harvested during Houston liposuction may be beneficial for many additional uses including a possible future cure for ailments such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, and more.” Says Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose.

One such patient who opted for this treatment featured in the video below, Jessica, is a 37-year-old Houston yoga instructor and former bikini competitor. “I’m passionate about taking the best care of my body in every way – so when I went to see Dr. Rose to consult about Houston liposuction to help rid me of the weight gain I put on over the holidays; I was excited to hear that we could save my stem cells now for the future. I know decades from now, I’ll be grateful for this and how it could allow me to prolong my health & maximize my body’s abilities,” says Jessica.

Watch the video and learn more about this exciting medical advancement in Houston:

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