IDENTICAL TWINS Eyelid lifts – review the story featured on ABC with Dr. Franklin Rose

New techniques helping make eye lifts look natural

YOU WILL DO A DOUBLE TAKE when you see this cute story about IDENTICAL TWINS who had quadruple upper & lower blepharoplasties (eyelid lifts) by Dr. Franklin Rose. ABC13-Gina Gaston reviews new techniques in Blepharoplasty including a new muscle elevating & tightening technique, making these ladies look natural, beautiful, & essentially more than 12 -15 years younger! These ladies wanted to maintain their same look as twins; and, incidentally, are married to two brothers too! Read the story & review the video:

Review the video - click on the image above!
Review the video – click on the image above!
HOUSTON (KTRK) — Americans spent almost $7 billion last year on plastic surgery. And eye lifts are, for men, the most popular facial procedure. Still, many still fear they’ll end up looking “plastic.” But doctors are producing results that’ll have you do a double take.
Twins Ruby and Ruthie Cantu are soon to undergo an eye lift. The 59-year-olds hope the surgery will make them look a lot like the 37-year-old versions of themselves.
“My hope is my eyes will get prettier, bigger and nice,” Ruby Cantu said.
“We’re getting older. Everything kind of sags a little bit,” Ruth Cantu said.
Eye lifts remove extra fat that makes the upper or lower lids look puffy, and also eliminate sagging skin that closes up the eyes. It’s popular with men and women.
Dr. Franklin Rose says improved techniques are yielding improved results.
“I’m sure people have seen patients with the eyes left too open. With our newer techniques that involve fat transpositions, sometimes fat grafting, we can be much more gentle with the tissue,” Rose said.
The ladies go in for surgery. Dr. Rose says the key is well-drawn markings that tell him where to cut. Micro-incisions are made in the crease of the lashes, then the skin is lifted.
While all surgeries come with some risks, Dr. Rose says picking a board-certified plastic surgeon with lots of experience in the procedure will help ensure the best results.
“The best plastic surgery leaves no tell-tale signs,” he said.
Most patients can resume their daily routine after a few days, but are fully healed in two to three weeks. The procedure costs about $7,000.

Original story aired December 6, 2013 archive:
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