Instagram Influencer Dana Omari Harrell talks about Plastic Surgery with Dr. Franklin Rose

Follow Houston Instagram and Beauty Influencer Dana Omari of @igfamousbydana as she shares her plastic surgery journey before, during, and after surgery by Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Franklin A. Rose, MD on https://www.instagram.com/igfamousbydana/

Says Dana: “I’ve wanted the bleph and lipo for so long. I’m really excited to have Dr. Rose as my surgeon because he’s the first surgeon I’ve talked to who made me feel comfortable with not wanting to change my Arabic features too much. He was just so knowledgeable and kind – I know I’m going to love the results!”

Dana’s surgeries which include upper eyelid lift and liposuction will be performed on Tuesday, May 24th.

Dr Franklin Rose and Dana Omari-Photo by Debbie Porter
Dr. Franklin Rose and Dana Omari-Photo by Debbie Porter

”Think today’s hot young celebs are almost too flawless?.

It’s probably not just in your head.

Stars — and their rabid defenders — will say the changes can be attributed to things such as weight loss and aging. But Omari, 32 — a self-appointed nip/tuck detective — isn’t buying it.” – Rachelle Bergstein – NYPost

”Popular Instagrammer Dana Omari is devoted to her mission of outing stars for their subtle plastic surgery procedures. Her Instagram account @IGFamousByDana, which currently has more than 200,000 followers, posts head-scratching side-by-side photos of celebrities, models, and reality stars, often accompanied by references to their public claims that they’ve never had work done. But how else to explain their shrinking noses, shifting eye shapes, and evolving body types?” – NYPost https://nypost.com/2021/12/08/sneaky-plastic-surgeries-used-by-celebs-to-look-better-than-you/

Bella Hadid (from left), Machine Gun Kelly and Ariana Grande appear to have upgraded their looks, according to nip/tuck detective Dana Omari.
Bella Hadid (from left), Machine Gun Kelly, and Ariana Grande appear to have upgraded their looks, according to nip/tuck detective Dana Omari. NY Post photo composite 
Dana Omari
Dana Omari runs the popular plastic surgery-themed Instagram account IGFamousByDana.

”Dana, a registered dietician living in Houston, Texas, believes this is due to the pressures actresses and models face in today’s hyper-connected world. “We have direct access [on social media] to criticize them, critique them, compliment them, whatever it is, and I think that it plays a major role in wanting to look perfect or Instagrammable at any moment,” she said.

Quick to point out that her account isn’t about shaming anyone,…instead, Dana wishes that the rich and famous would be more upfront about their relationships with their surgeons. “All of these people are very beautiful,” she said. “[But] they didn’t yoga-and-water their way there.”

Learn about five sneaky surgical procedures that are blazing their way through young Hollywood. None of these celebrities have admitted to having had work done (and some have publicly denied it) in the NY POST story with before and after photos here: https://nypost.com/2021/12/08/sneaky-plastic-surgeries-used-by-celebs-to-look-better-than-you/

Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose will perform Dana’s surgeries THIS TUESDAY- May 24th, 2022.  Dana will blog and share the details on her Instagram page about her plastic surgery with Dr. Rose so you can see her before & after surgery, and the beautiful results.  We will update you here on Dana’s progress next week!

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