Liposuction-Key to Fountain of Youth? Dr. Franklin Rose discusses the benefits on KHOU

Freezing and storing stem cells obtained during liposuction can combat age-related disease and reverse aging itself

UPDATED! HOUSTON, TX; February 13, 2020 -Watch the video as aired on KHOU this week:

“New year, new you” may no longer be simply about living a healthier lifestyle in 2020 – with the help of emerging advances in stem cell technology, a medically achievable fountain of youth could be within our grasp.

Liposuction-Key Fountain Youth
37-year-old yoga instructor and fitness trainer Jessica Archer looks forward to continuing her active lifestyle as long as humanly possible with the help of future developments in stem cell medicine

Your stem cells could hold the cure for many ailments such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes–and could even turn back the clock on aging itself.
Dr. Franklin Rose has teamed up with to share the benefits future medical advances by freezing or ‘cryobanking’ their stem cells harvested during liposuction.

One such patient is fitness and nutrition coach, Jessica Archer, a 37-year-old certified yoga instructor, fitness trainer, nutritionist, and former bikini competitor. “I’m passionate about taking the best care of my body in every way. I visited with Dr. Rose to consult about a breast reduction because of back pain. When I mentioned pain, he introduced me to this option. With more than 15 years of heavy training, I’ve recently noticed my bones don’t take the pressure as well. I was so excited to hear about how we could save my stem cells now for the future, and I happen to have just enough fat for the procedure from recent holiday weight gain. I know decades from now, I’ll be grateful for this and how it will allow me to prolong my youth and maximize my body’s abilities,” says Jessica.

Think of it as an investment in future insurance: where health care is focused on maintaining our youth instead of treating disease, & aging is a condition to be managed and maybe even eliminated. (Stem cells can be cloned indefinitely, so there’s no danger of running out.) For example, instead of a kidney transplant – a patient could one day utilize their stem cells to grow a new kidney rather than seek one from a donor.

“The use of stem cells to effectively combat sports injuries and other health applications is increasingly popular,” Dr. Rose says. “Young stem cells are an incredibly invaluable asset that becomes more precious as we grow older, and so for the rest of her life Jessica will be able to draw upon her 37-year-old stem cells that we save via harvesting during her liposuction treatment this January.”

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