UPDATED! Meghan Markle

UPDATED! Meghan Markle Plastic Surgery Reveal

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UPDATED! Meghan Markle: Just in time to “shower” mom-to-be Duchess Meghan Markle, Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose along with Inside Edition hosted another ROYAL REVEAL of the world’s most sought after face. The already beautiful Tanya Ricardo has been “Touched by a Rose” to enhance features similar to Mrs. Harry Spencer.

UPDATED! Meghan Markle

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Meghan Markle had a baby and now a Twin! https://www.huffpost.com/entry/meghan-markle-tanya-ricardo-plastic-surgery_n_5cd30938e4b07ce6ef796f5a

Dr. Franklin Rose said: “Many women want Meghan Markle nose and cheeks, she has quite an attractive face and a pretty body.
“Meghan Markle is so much in the mainstream with this baby, she’s probably number one even above Kim Kardashian-West.
“Tanya started really pretty, it’s a lot easier to take a patient from A to C, than A to Q, all she needed was refining.

“With this patient, she is much more confident after we changed her body image for the better.”

Photos captured by Charlie Horse Photography

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