Meghan Markle Plastic Surgery Suits Her! by Dr. Franklin Rose

UPDATED! Just in time to “shower” mom-to-be Meghan Markle, Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose along with Inside Edition hosted another ROYAL REVEAL of the world’s most sought-after face. The already beautiful Tanya Ricardo has been “Touched by a Rose” to enhance features similar to Mrs. Harry Spencer along with TWO additional Houston women, previously featured on ABC’s Nightline, Xochi Greer, and Renata Williams.

ICYMI – IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Remarkable write-ups and interviews! Meghan Markle plastic surgery look-a-likes Tanya Ricardo,  Xochi G., and Renata Williams are really making a ‘mark’ appearing internationally on such sites as Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, Telemundo, Daily Mail, the Mirror, the Sun, the New York Post, ABC Nightline, and more.
Xochi G., 36, from Houston, Texas, has undergone various plastic surgery procedures to emulate Meghan, 37, including having lip fillers and a nose job. She has also undergone liposuction on the stomach, inner and outer thighs, a brazilian buttock lift, filler injections under her eyes and to her chin and jawline area, and Botox injections all performed by Houston Plastic Surgeon Franklin Rose, MD. And after having all the procedures, the attorney says she now feels like a real princess. “When I look in the mirror, I’m happy again. I still see me, but a better version of me,” she said.

The “Royal Sparkle With Meghan Markle” Reveal On ABC Nightline

^^ view the video as aired on ABC Nightline with Linsey Davis^^

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Via The Houston Chronicle:

Held at The St. Regis Houston and emceed by Emmy-Award winning ABC News correspondent, Linsey Davis, who files reports for such programs as “Good Morning America” & more. TV cameras from “Nightline” rolled and the Prosecco flowed as Xochi Greer and Renata Williams, who underwent several surgical procedures to look like former “Suits” actress.

The surgeries to transform the women were performed by well-known Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin A. Rose, whose high-profile cases include Ashley Horn to make her look more like her famous half-sister Lindsay Lohan, and Houston resident Claudia Sierra, who was transformed to resemble First Lady Melania Trump. Rose also performed surgery on Jenny Stuart and Sarah Schmidt to look like Ivanka Trump.

Did we mention that Rose’s daughter, Erica Rose, appeared as a contestant on ABC’s reality TV series, “The Bachelor”? The talent for shining in the spotlight runs in the family.

Why Meghan Markle? Rose told via phone on Thursday: “The Duchess is on the cover of half the tabloids. Hollywood married into British royalty, and she has a look that many admire including her cheeks, nose and breasts, which she’s likely had augmented.”

The request to make someone look like a famous person is familiar territory to Rose, who says, “This has been going on for awhile. When I started to practice, patients would come in with pictures of Jaclyn Smith, wanting to look like her. They want Scarlett Johansson’s breasts. Fifteen years ago, people wanted smaller behinds. Now they want J. Lo’s butt, but not Kim Kardashian’s because it’s so big.”

To change their physical appearance to resemble Markle, Greer and Williams each underwent extensive surgeries including rhinoplasty, butt lifts, liposuction of the stomach, chin and buttocks, cheek implants, breast implants, and fillers.

Rose says Greer underwent six procedures that took about six hours complete. For Williams, underwent eight to nine procedures, it took around 10 hours. Recovery time for both is approximately 10 days, Rose notes.

The cost of being made over to look like your favorite celebrity? “Including the hospital and anesthesia, it ranges from around $15,000 to $30,000 depending on what you want done,” Rose says.

Who will be the next celebrity transformation? Rose says, “There’s definitely something in the works. Stay tuned!”

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