Our Most Memorable Valentine’s Day Featuring Cindi Rose and Dr. Franklin Rose

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Most Memorable Valentine’s Day Romance Features local Houston celebrities Cindi & Dr. Franklin Rose and more in this month’s issue of Houston Lifestyles & Homes Magazine read the story and see the photos here: By Cheryl Alexander
Houston Silhouette artist CINDI ROSE, co-founder (with her husband celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose) of the Rose Ribbon Foundation. Their organization provides free reconstructive surgery to post-cancer patients who are not able to afford health insurance. This couple’s Valentine’s memory is as unique and special as their charitable work.

Dr. Franklin Rose and Cindi RoseDr. Franklin Rose and Cindi Rose

Cindi Rose shares:

“My best Valentine’s memory was when my husband and I got engaged in Aspen 30 years ago, and it was also my worst. We were en route by plane to visit his mom and dad, and he asked me to marry him before he asked them. His father was thrilled, and so was his sister, who said, “I will gain a wonderful sister-in-law.” Then, my (future) mother-in-law said, “Weddings are funerals, so I will wear a black dress.” I ran into a guest room and cried. Seven years later, after we had married, we separated and then divorced. Then, again, on a Valentine’s Day, he asked me once again to marry him! We ran to Vegas, and had so much fun getting married there, just the two of us. We have been married now over 14 more years. I must say, I now love my mother-in-law and she loves me. She was afraid of losing her baby boy, and in her mind, our wedding was a death. I can also say that love is better the second time around, and lucky me, to the same wonderful person, who is father of our only two children, Erica Rose 28, and Ben Harwood Rose, 26.
My funniest Valentine was when I was divorced, and wanted my children, who were then 4 and 6, to be with me on Valentine’s Day. I was 36, but found someone 10 years younger, who was like a kid himself. We went to AstroWorld, and rode the rides with my children, and some of their friends. My children thought this is what you do on Valentine’s Day — go to an amusement park, eat junk and ride rides. One of their friends ate too much candy, threw up while on the roller coaster and it splattered all over into the air.”

When it comes to Cupid’s arrow, sometimes his aim is hit or miss. More of Houston’s most recognizable sweethearts share their most memorable Valentine’s Day stories that are guaranteed to warm your heart:

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