Bachelor Nation flocks to Houston for Erica Rose’s wedding, double reception

Life is like a delicious bowl of cherries, and in this case we are toasting “Cherica” wedding, Charles and Erica!

The Bachelor‘s Erica Rose Is Married – 12 Things to Know About Her Over-the-Top Wedding as featured in People Magazine

E! Exclusive: The Bachelor‘s Erica Rose Is Married! Inside Her Lavish Wedding Ceremony

The Bachelor’s Erica Rose Marries Fiance Charles Sanders: See Her Dress! – via US Magazine

‘Bachelor’ Star Erica Rose Marries Charles Sanders: Pics

Bachelor Alum Erica Rose Gets Married To Charles Sanders – Inside Details via RadarOnline

‘Bachelor’ Star Erica Rose Gets Married! See The Pics From Her Weekend Wedding via ACCESS HOLLYWOOD

The Bachelor vet Erica Rose looks like a princess as she marries Charles Sanders during romantic ceremony in Houston VIA DAILYMAIL


Erica Rose Of ‘The Bachelor’ Is Married: Get The Details VIA INQUISTR

Erica Rose Of ‘The Bachelor’ Is Married: Get The Details

via Amber Elliott – Houston Chronicle:

Prince Lorenzo Borghese, Vienna Girardi, AshLee Frazier and more join local VIPs for “Bachelor” wedding festivities in West U and downtown Houston

Shades of cherry blossom (a Japanese good luck symbol) and rose (get it?) dotted the ornate ceremony chuppah. Some ten bridesmaids filed in ombré-style, dressed in hues ranging from crimson to merlot.

The bride, a “Bachelor” season nine breakout star, wore white – and so did her mother.

Silhouette artist Cindi Rose accessorized her mother-of-the-bride ensemble, a floor-length Carmen Marc Valvo design, with black leather gloves.

Erica went the princess route in an embellished ballgown and rhinestone tiara ala Ventura Bridal; the latter became her calling card on ABC’s leading reality show “The Bachelor.”

Shortly after they were pronounced husband-and-wife, broke a glass (a Jewish tradition signifying the finality of the marital covenant), and the first of two wedding receptions commenced.

Three lines quickly formed inside the synagogue’s pink and red-decked ballroom. Guests queued up for sushi served by the dhow-boatload, Cordua Catering carving stations, and face-time with Ryan Ashley of “Untouched Poetry.”

Cake by Samantha Espino of Darko Delights

Cake by Samantha Espino of Darko Delights

There were also four cakes by Who Made the Cake!, Darko Delights, Dacapo’s, and Américas.

Nothing, however, compared to the second, late-night reception at the Majestic Metro downtown.

A red carpet welcomed guests to the ’90s-theme celebration. Chef David Cordua looked on as party-goers devoured his corn dogs, nachos, and cotton candy from various food stations. Deeper into the venue, two photo booths, DJs and an onstage light show completed the party scene.

Erica, a.k.a. Mrs. Charles Sanders, changed into a custom blush frock designed by friend Alex Martinez for the occasion. This time, the mother-of-the-bride did not dress to match; Cindi donned an embellished baseball cap and St. John LBD, instead.

Best man and the bride’s brother, Ben Rose, modeled “Bachelor”-esque props in a photo booth with wife Laura Max Rose, one of the two matrons of honor. Their daughter, Selma, served as a flower girl.

Nearby, plastic surgeon and father-of-the-bride Dr. Franklin Rose showed off his celebrity handiwork.

“Vienna has the most perfect nose in America,” he said as Girardi spun slowly. Then the season 14 winner ran off for a group picture with Borghese.

“You know, Lorenzo is single now,” Franklin hinted. Girardi laughed off the suggestion, citing a new boyfriend.

Her plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose has a point, though; the coupling would make one helluva “Bachelor Nation” follow-up wedding.

Rose vied for Prince Lorenzo Borghese’s heart in Season 9 of The Bachelor, which took place in Rome, Italy. She made it to the top nine before being eliminated in Week 3. Borghese attended the wedding alongside other Bachelor vets from Rose’s season, including Tara Durr, Renee Simlak and Jeannette Pawula.

Additional members of Bachelor Nation were present for the nuptials, including Season 17’s Ashlee Frazier Williams, Season 14’s Vienna Girardi, and The Bachelorette‘s John Presser (who is married to Durr) Cory Shivar, Holly Julian, Blake Durst, Sadie Murray, Jamie Otis Hehner, Kasey Kahl, and Melissa Schreiber were also all there.

Dr. Franklin Rose is well-known for his work on the original Bachelorette Trista Sutter, Bachelor winner Vienna Girardi, Bachelor contestants Holly Durst, and Ella Nolan among others. For this reason Dr. Franklin Rose is noted by Star Magazine among others to be the “official plastic surgeon of The Bachelor” franchise.

Vienna Girardi, Dr. Franklin Rose, and wife Cindi Rose

Vienna Girardi, Dr. Franklin Rose, and wife Cindi Rose


Vienna Girardi before and after rhinoplasty by Dr. Franklin Rose as featured in US Magazine

Love to you, cherries and cherry blossoms,

Cindi Rose, Erica Rose, Dr. Franklin Rose, Charles, and Holland!

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Favorite Plastic Surgery to Look Like Melania Trump? Find out Why Claudia Chose to do so!

Plastic Surgery to Look Like Melania Trump? Catch up with Claudia Sierra to Find out Why She Chose to do so! With Emmy-Award Winning Anchor Dominique Sachse and featuring Dr. Franklin Rose

UPDATED! Watch the video in the link above and read the transcript and see the story in full featuring Dr. Franklin Rose:

HOUSTON – For Claudia Sierra, years of bullying and teasing about her looks took a toll on the mother of two.

“Being bullied for my skin color, my nose, my heritage, my hair, my everything, and I would make fun of my own self with these kids that would make fun of me, and I brought it up all the way to an adult,” Sierra said.

Sierra said the bullying even carried over into romantic relationships.

“It was natural for me to be abused in relationships,” she said. “And then it went a step further, where the mental and the abuse words were not working, so this particular person thought, well, let me toss her around. I had a bar stool smashed on my head. I mean, on my nose, and it popped.”

A survivor of domestic violence, Sierra also beat breast cancer.

Even after celebrating those victories, she continued to endure criticism about her appearance. One conversation in particular made her decide she was ready change the way she looked.

“I went on a date, and this man asked for my driver’s license to confirm my age, and I said, ‘I’m 41,’ and I was so excited about it,” Sierra said. “I had just finished having breast cancer, did the radiation. It was one of my first dates. I was super-excited. He looked at (my ID) and said, ‘You look a lot older than that.’”

She went to Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose for consultation.

“I said, ‘Dr. Rose, I want you to change everything that has mentally hurt me. And I don’t want to feel or look at that person anymore,’” Sierra said. “When you have cancer, there’s a lot of sleep that is lost. And I felt a little weak, and I didn’t look rested, so we pulled my cheeks back. We did kind of
like a semi-facelift right here.”

Dr. Rose removed a bump in her nose, gave her breast implants, a tummy tuck and sculpted her abs.

“I feel like a woman again,” Sierra said.

Sierra said the entire makeover was inspired by a famous first lady: Melania Trump.

Sierra’s surgeries were chronicled by television show Inside Edition and made headlines in the New York Daily News, turning her story into a media sensation and creating a backlash.

“I said I was inspired by her. I never said I wanted to look exactly like her,” Sierra said. “Melania Trump is Melania Trump, and Claudia Sierra is Claudia Sierra.”

Once people got wind of the story, Sierra said the bullying started again – this time on social media.

“Every night, at 3 or 4 in the morning, for some reason I wake up and I’ve got Google alerts, and I’ve got messages from random friends, and they’re like, ‘Gosh, can you believe what they’re saying? Can you believe, can you believe? Claudia, you’re just getting bashed. Did you see this picture they put out on you?'”

When asked what she wants people to really know about her, Sierra’s response was simple.

“I feel so good, and I’m so healthy, and I wish the people that are judging me and insulting me would say, ‘You know what, if I could, I would.’ Let me enjoy it. Let me have this moment,” she said.

Sierra said although hurtful, the entire ordeal has made her stronger. She said she now plans to write a book on bullying and use it to encourage children and adults who have been bullied, as well as help women who have been the victims of domestic abuse.

Claudia’s story was featured on KPRC Tuesday, December 5th at 10pm with Emmy award-winning anchor Dominique Sachse and Dr. Franklin Rose on Channel 2 in Houston.


Houston, Texas; December 2017 – As Melania Trump continues to make the news, more and more people are reporting to want to be like her — or at least look like her.
Claudia (pictured above) is one such patient who sought out Dr. Franklin Rose for her “Melania Makeover.” Cancer survivor Claudia’s surgeries included a revision breast reconstruction after cancer surgery, revision rhinoplasty to correct the bump on her nose (her previous rhinoplasty was performed by another surgeon), a “mommy makeover” to include a tummy tuck, liposuction and brazilian buttock lift and eyelid lift, along with some Botox, fillers, and injectable treatments.
Plastic Surgery Melania Trump

Claudia after 9 plastic surgery procedures to more closely resemble Melania Trump by Dr. Franklin Rose (right)

MELANIA IN THE MAKING –  “Melania for me illustrates power and strength; she is our First Lady and I am becoming a better version of ME and for it to show on the outside along with the inside,” said Claudia, “I am looking forward to sharing my story with others who are looking to transform their lives in a positive direction.”
“This might be the 1000th very, very beautiful patient that I’ve operated on; in an odd way, it’s sort of more enjoyable because you can take the beautiful into the hyper-beautiful,” says Dr. Franklin Rose “It’s not really surprising to see women now requesting to look more like Melania, who is simply gorgeous.”
Following the media attention upon the announcement of  breast cancer survivor Claudia’s plastic surgery procedures she underwent in June to more closely resemble Melania Trump, as noted in Life & Style MagazineThe New York Post, The Daily Star, The Daily Mail, NewsweekHarper’s Bazaar and many more, Claudia visits with Emmy-Award winning Anchor Dominique Sachse to follow up and discuss the fascinating motivations behind her plastic surgery transformation!
Emmy award-winning anchor Dominique Sachse

Emmy award-winning news anchor Dominique Sachse



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