Cheerleader Gifts herself Valentine’s Breast Augmentation for Upcoming Auditions

HOUSTON, TX; February 2019 – Valentine’s Day; time for flowers, candy, and love. And for some: their heart’s desire of receiving the gift of breast implants this year.

LEADER OF THE RACK! Houston Cheerleader gifts herself Breast Augmentation for Valentine's Day by Dr. Franklin Rose in order to Compete in Upcoming April Professional Sports Team Auditions! As featured on Storytrender
Read the story and watch the video as featured on Story Trender

Just in time to say “I love you,” 23-year-old Taylor decided to fulfill her dream of getting breast implants as a Valentine’s gift for herself this year and scheduled her breast augmentation with Dr. Franklin Rose last Friday, February 8th.  Using a technique he has perfected, Dr. Rose had Taylor ready to get back in the game with a quick recovery from her breast implant surgery in less than a week’s time. See her before and after photo below only THREE DAYS after surgery!

Taylor before and 3 days after breast augmentation by Dr. Franklin Rose

Taylor came to Dr. Rose with a goal. Having a lifelong background in dance and cheerleading, she plans compete for the upcoming professional sports team cheerleader tryouts this April. “I LOVE MYSELF, but I just feel like I wanted a little more, you know…for a long time and Dr. Rose was able to give my breasts a lift and take me from a B to a full C cup-still looking natural and not over-done,” says Taylor. “I liked my breasts, but I wasn’t in love with them. Now I am in love! I definitely did this for myself, nobody else,” said Taylor. “I just I think it will help motivate me and make me feel more confident in the competition, so Valentine’s seemed like the perfect time to gift these for myself to boost my self esteem.”

“Over the years, I’ve had a steady stream of boyfriends and husbands coming into the office to purchase breast implants for their spouse or girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, but more often it is the women who would like to have this done” said plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose of Houston.

“This year looks to be an especially busy year for breast implants,” Rose added. “It’s been a cold, rainy winter and I think a lot of people are looking forward to putting on a swimsuit and heading to the beach this summer.”

Posted by Franklin Rose on Monday, February 4, 2019

Rose, who has performed more than 6,000 silicone and saline-gel breast implant procedures, says it’s almost always women who suggest plastic surgery as something they would like as a gift.

“For many women, breast implants are something they secretly desire but are just too embarrassed to take the plunge and get them,” Rose said. “In many cases, it’s the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.”  

Posted by Franklin Rose on Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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MTV reality star has her big reveal after ‘up-sizing’ her breast implants for Super Bowl weekend

Casandra ONE DAY after breast implant surgery by Dr. Rose follow Casandra on Instagram

Casandra ONE DAY after breast implant surgery by Dr. Rose follow Casandra on Instagram

ICYMI: In Case You Missed It – Says Casandra, “I can’t believe it, I’m literally like moving, and I feel great.” “And you’re heading out to Super Bowl parties tonight?” Dr. Franklin Rose asked her. “Yes!” she enthusiastically replied. So did she like them? “I was so excited to take the bandage off and see the results,” said Casandra. “And once I took it off, I absolutely fell in love with my new breasts.” As promised by Dr. Rose — Casandra Martinez got new breast implants in time to celebrate the Super Bowl and she healed virtually overnight! “You did just great,” Dr. Rose said. “No bruising. No swelling. Minimal pain, correct?” “Yes, I’m in no pain at all,” she responded. “I’m really super excited!” she exclaimed. Did she score a #touchdown? Catch up with Casandra as she partied like a #RealityStar at the #MaximSuperBowlParty! #BeforeandAfters #RealityTV #Houston #SuperBowl #MTV #AYTO #AYTOSecondChances #SecondChances

Watch Casandra’s before & after breast implant surgery video by Dr. Franklin Rose by clicking the image above

Reality TV star Cassandra Martinez came to Dr. Rose with a goal. 24 year-old Cassandra was most recently a cast member on ABC’s “The Proposal” and has been famously featured on MTV’s “Are You the One?” & “Are You the One, Second Chances,” and is now in the process of auditioning for ABC’s ” The Bachelor” in the hopes of finding her perfect match. Casandra feels that getting bigger breast implants will improve her chances.

She also wants a quick recovery in time to enjoy & celebrate at an upcoming SuperBowl party she will be attending.

Says Casandra, “I want to a perfect pair to go with my perfect match! I am ready to go bigger and my career to be the bomb!” 

Cassandra has already had her breast augmentation upsized by Dr. Rose in order to party in time for the Super Bowl.  Using a technique he has perfected, Dr. Franklin Rose had Casandra ready to get back in the game with a quick recovery from her breast implant surgery practically overnight.  And now, she wants to be a contestant on the Bachelor and is opting for even more plastic surgery in the hopes of competing to find love on the show.—–

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Favorite Bariatric Plastic Surgery as featured in Men’s Health Magazine – Dr. Franklin Rose

Our patient & friend – IRONMAN triathlete featured in Men’s Health Magazine – Marcus Cook Lost 279 lbs & Finished the Toughest Ironman in the World – After his weight loss surgery, Marcus underwent bariatric plastic surgery to rid his abdomen of unwanted excess … Continue reading

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UPDATED: BIG to Little! Bariatric Plastic Surgery as featured in Men’s Health Magazine

UPDATE: Catch up with Marcus ONE YEAR post op bariatric weight loss surgery as featured in Men’s Health Magazine by Dr. Franklin Rose

Peter Nielsen: LIFE COACHING – Season One Episode 32 – “From Obese to Triathelete” Peter Nielsen introduces a remarkable man who went from weighing nearly 500 pounds to completing triathlons in fewer than two years!


BIG to Little! Bariatric Plastic Surgery as seen on ABC with Gina Gaston:

Houstonian sheds massive amounts of skin to prove scales are no longer the measure of the man

Man begins journey to cut away 65 pounds of skin.
^^Click the link above to view the video with Gina Gaston on ABC^^


Marcus Cook is saddled by rolls of fat that hang down from his stomach to mid-thigh, and while that may not sound like a physique you’d be proud to show off, he is proud of this body he has worked hard to shape.

“I actually did an iron man and I did it with all my skin,” said Marcus Cook. “I’ve had a lot of scans and the scans say I have about 65 pounds of skin that just ain’t going away.”

The extra skin is what’s left after Cook went from weighing 500 pounds to 220. He got bariatric surgery but his doctor warned him to keep the weight off he’d need to redefine himself. He did that in triumphant fashion training so much that he was able to complete Texas Ironman — a 16 hour athletic challenge.

But then Marcus wanted to take the next makeover step so he called Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose to remove the extra skin on his stomach.

“What we do in this operation is cut right down to the muscles, tighten up the muscles, then remove all of this skin and fat flap,” said Dr. Rose.

Dr. Rose says the number of people getting skin removal is rising as gastric bypass surgeries become more prevalent. He estimates they are up 10-15 percent over the past few years. It costs about $13,000.

He says the typical so-called “mommy makeover” stomach tuck takes about two hours, but Cook’s procedure took four and a half hours. His risks, the same as with any abdominoplasty, was mostly excessive bleeding.

Just 12 days after surgery — even with some swelling — Cook is shocked by his new view.

“I look down and it’s gone and I cannot wait to fulfill the things that I’ve been pursuing. I feel great,” Cook said.

Cook says he isn’t done yet. He wants to remove extra skin on his arms, chest, back and thighs. And his mission isn’t just personal anymore.

“Yes, he looks great and he’s tighter, but he’s also raised many thousands of dollars for the Ironman Foundation, and so he does this not just for himself, but to give other people hope,” Dr. Rose said.

Cook says he’s been overweight since his teenage years, and along with shedding pounds and skin, he’s also shed the way he measures his own success.

“People say, what do you want to weigh? I don’t have a new weight goal. I will try to shave two hours of my marathon time from last year, so that’s my new goal,” Cook added.

View the original story in it’s entirety featuring bariatric plastic surgery by Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose review on ABC:


HOUSTON, TX – May 2016: Marcus Cook had a wake-up call when he looked at the scales after seeing a photo of himself at a crawfish boil last year. Weighing well over 400 pounds, Marcus decided it was time to take action and face his challenge head-on.
Following gastric bypass surgery his whole life changed when watching an Ironman Triathlon on TV. Since that time, Marcus has shed over 260 pounds and participated in 6 triathlons including the IRONMAN competition, a charitable athletic event that has raised over 50 million dollars to help those in need  – inspiring and encouraging others on their massive weight loss journeys and chronicling his own on his website
Despite his incredible story of success and triumph, Marcus found that after his dramatic weight loss there still remained – the loose, hanging skin on his stomach serving as a constant reminder of his heavier self; holding him back from many athletic activities he wishes to excel in that could not be resolved with diet and exercise alone. 


SNEAK PEEK! After undergoing #gastricbypass surgery, Marcus has lost 263 pounds. Dr. Franklin Rose is performing #bariatric plastic surgery abdominoplasty for Marcus TODAY to help him prepare for the #IronManCompetition – a charitable event that has raised over 50 million dollars to help those in need.
Marcus is a triathlete and is looking forward to running in both the #Kona & #BostonMarathon – thin & trim after removal of his excess skin to improve his performance as well as his body image & self esteem.
An #Ironman #Triathlon is one of a series of long-distance triathlon races organized by the World Triathlon Corporation, consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride and a marathon 26.22-mile run, raced in that order and without a break. Tune in to #ABC13 Houston #EyewitnessNews in a couple of weeks to see his incredible and LIFE CHANGING transformation!

Posted by Franklin Rose on Thursday, May 4, 2017

Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose says stories like these are common. “Following extreme weight loss after bariatric and gastric bypass surgery, the whole body changes. After working hard to lose the excess weight, it’s understandable that patients want to continue to improve their appearance. With an an abdominoplasty, also called a ‘tummy-tuck’ procedure, we can significantly improve both the patient’s outward appearance as well as boosting their overall health and self-esteem, helping individuals continue to achieve their weight loss, fitness, and personal goals.”

Follow IRONMAN Marcus Cook’s  journey before, during, & after surgery to see his BIG REVEAL on ABC! 

Tune into ABC Eyewitness News on Channel 13 on Sunday, May 21 at 10pm to review Marcus Cook’s BIG REVEAL following his cosmetic abdominoplasty by Dr. Franklin Rose with Gina Gaston!

gina gaston review