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Best Wishes for a Beautiful, Happy, & Healthy 2017!

The Staff at Utopia MedSpa,
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Favorite Trista Sutter’s Sculpting by Dr. Franklin Rose & Cindi Rose

Houston, Texas- By E.D. Woods:

#TBT – August 2012 – The original #Bachelorette #TristaSutter’s Mommy Makeover as featured in #InTouch, #LifeAndStyleMag, #Extra, #GMA Good Morning America, #CultureMap, #DailyMail, E! #Entertainment, #InsideEdition, #AccessHollywood

Dr. Franklin Rose Reviews

The Bachelorette’s Trista Sutter reveals her post- plastic surgery body, reviews what her life is like after turning 40 and her recent “Mommy Makeover” performed by Dr. Franklin Rose on Oprah! View the teaser here

Trista visited #BoardCertified #PlasticSurgeon Dr. Franklin Rose for a #MommyMakeover including a #breastlift, #eyelidlift and more.

Lucky for the Bachelorette’s and Bachelor’s that Erica Rose’s father is famous celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose, and her mom is noted silhouette artist, Cindi Rose. It makes the contestants and winners look and stay beautiful. Recently, the first reality Bachelorette, Trista Sutter, met up with Bachelor legal star, Erica Rose, and discussed her wanting an updated look. Although Erica thought Trista looked beautiful, she referred her to her father (who would never operate on his family). Trista had been admiring Emily Maynard’s plastic surgery, and did not want to be Bachelorette history. For her first meeting, in Franklin Rose’s hometown, Aspen, Colorado, Trista drove in from Vail. The petite beauty was met by Franklin and Cindi Rose.

As always, Cindi took out her surgical scissors and in a minute sculpted the world’s darling’s profile. Trista loved it, and signed it with her good-valued signature. Trista commented that her children would love Cindi Rose’s artwork.

Erica Rose, Daughter of Dr. Franklin Rose, MD

Erica Rose, Daughter of Dr. Franklin Rose, MD

Her real concerns however was, a drop of fat, droopy eyes, and breasts that were not what they were pre-children.

Franklin Rose, a board-certified MD, who studied at Yale, Manhattan Eye and Ear, and Baylor College of Medicine, booked the soon to be 40 year-old at his doctor owned surgical center, First Street in Houston, Texas.

Dr Franklin Rose review trista before and after surgery

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From CultureMap:

Trista being prepped for surgery by Dr. Rose photo by Herb Hochman

Trista being prepped for surgery by Dr. Rose photo by Herb Hochman

“Erica’s currently living out in Los Angeles and sees a lot of her friends from The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad. We’ve had several of her friends stay with us here at the house to recover after their surgeries. My wife Cindi and I even have a special area set up for them. We jokingly call it ‘The Bachelor Guest Quarters.’ ”

The Roses were kind enough to host Sutter for five days, taking her for walks around the neighborhood and preparing healthy meals to help the recovery process.

review trista before and after surgery

“Trista’s just delightful, so we were happy to have her with us,” Franklin Rose says. While he couldn’t reveal a name, Rose did mention that a current Bachelor Pad contestant would be making her way to Houston soon for plastic surgery of her own.

Review Trista's appearance on EXTRA!

Review Trista’s appearance on EXTRA!

Trista Sutter Silhouette by Cindi Rose

Trista Sutter by Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose

Trista got small breast implants, and the tired look erased from her lovely blue eyes with upper and lower eye lifts. Upon review of her pre and post-op photos it appears that she may have had liposuction. Word is that there is a room in The Rose Home devoted to patient care, and that after a luxurious stay at First Street Hospital (with culinary meals and wait staff), patients recover with Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose’s low-fat, organic nutritious meals and care. No wonder, the most beautiful men and women in the country get on Bachelor and Bachelor Pad, they have a connection—Erica Rose’s father. Unlike what people would think, Erica’s perfect size 4, 5’ 8” figure is natural. Her mother and grandmother where former beauty contest winners, and it is a natural for Erica.

Review Life & Style Weekly to see Trista’s before and after plastic surgery photos and decide yourself, if she did or did not also have liposuction. I think somewhere there is also word that there could be a book coming out about parenting, and being in love, penned by no-other than America’s darling, Trista Sutter!

trista-sutter-dr-franklin-rose-md-bacheloretteTo read more about Trista’s plastic surgery transformation visit:

Originally posted August 2012

New Year, New You – From Dr. Franklin Rose

News for Patients & Friends
~From the office of Franklin Rose MD, Houston Plastic Surgeon

Renowned attorney Andreana Wilson entrusted herself to highly skilled plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose after losing over 100 pounds.  After a 360 degree body lift, breast lift with implants, and a few liposuction touch ups, her surgical results were phenomenal.  She looks great, thanks to her hard work and the attention of Dr. Rose.  Andrea is looking and feeling fabulous! (photo by Debbie Porter Photography)

At the end of the holiday season we see many patients visit our office to discuss liposuction and other options to reduce unwanted pounds of fat. Although you have dieted and exercised, sometimes there remains stubborn and resistant fat areas that are difficult if not impossible to lose without liposuction surgery.

In addition, loose hanging skin resulting from extreme weight loss following gastric bypass or lap-band surgery can be remedied with a tummy-tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure which can be considered “medically necessary” and is often covered by many health insurance plans.

To see if you are a candidate and schedule your free consultation please visit our website at and ensure you get the best possible results from your weight-loss surgery.

Best Wishes for a Beautiful, Happy, & Healthy 2017!

The Staff at Utopia MedSpa,
& Dr. Franklin A. Rose, MD

dermal-fillers-houston-juveferm-restylanePatient photo before & after #FillerInjections to #NasolabialCreases (lines around the nose & mouth) #DermalFillers – save up to $200 on TWO syringes in the month of #January2017! Includes #RestylaneLyft, #RestylaneSilk, #JuvedermVobella, #JuvedermUltra & #UltraPlusXC only –  For any questions or to schedule an appointment with #BoardCertified #NursePractitioner Melanie call Utopia #PlasticSurgery & #MedSpa at 713-622-2277!
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Beauty Takes No Holiday:Happy New Year: The Busiest Season for Cosmetic Surgery

Happy New Year: The Busiest Season for Cosmetic Surgery

December, particularly the latter half, is the busiest time of the year for many plastic surgeons.  Some doctors like Dr. Franklin Rose report performing twice as many of these elective procedures per day in this period as during the rest of the year.

The reason: After many cosmetic procedures patients want to go underground during the days-long recovery period, which might involve swelling and bruising. The holiday season makes it easier to avoid interacting with others at work or in school car pools.

Read about the busiest season of the year for Plastic Surgery featuring Dr. Franklin Rose in the Wall Street Journal here:

To learn more about procedures and schedule your consultation please visit our website at

Favorite Dr. Franklin Rose featured in Allure Magazine in Beauty & the Bachelor

February Allure Magazine

February Allure Magazine

HOUSTON, TX – In the February issue of Allure Magazine (the Beauty Experts) New York Times Best Selling Author and #1 Celebrity Blogger Jennifer Weiner takes on the Bachelor franchise phenomenon in “Beauty and The Bachelor.”

Noted Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose has been known for his work on the original Bachelorette Trista Sutter, Bachelor winner Vienna Girardi, Bachelor contestant Ella Nolan, Bachelor Pad Winner Holly Durst, Shah’s of Sunset Lilly Ghalichi and many others.

For this reason Dr. Rose and his daughter Erica Rose (Star on The Bachelor Rome & Bachelor Pad) were interviewed extensively by Jennifer Weiner for her Allure article.

In Allure, Weiner proposes the theory that each week on The Bachelor, participants move further away from “reality” and closer to a narrow and idealized version of feminine beauty that is celebrated on Reality TV.  In Allure Magazine, Weiner states “Critics of the genre find this phenomenon often homogenous and toxic.”

Trista being prepped for surgery by Dr. Rose photo by Herb Hochman

The original Bachelorette Trista Sutter being prepped for surgery by Dr. Rose photo by Herb Hochman

Dr. Rose states, “The truth is that the female form that we can create with properly performed plastic surgery is almost prettier–it is prettier–than what would be found in nature.  People might say, ‘You’re creating a distorted body image.  The bar’s being set so high that it can create body dysmorphia or it can create unhappiness.'”  But according to Weiner, Rose doesn’t think that The Bachelor is doing anything new.  “Beauty is held in high esteem in every culture.  People say The Bachelor sets the bar too high.  Well, that bar has been set for many generations in Western culture.”

For this reason, Cindi and Dr. Rose have transformed their guest room at their home into “the Bachelor quarters” for visiting TV stars from out of town.

Erica Rose of Bachelor & Bachelor Pad

Erica Rose of Bachelor & Bachelor Pad


Rumor has it, from inside source close to the show (Dr. Rose’s famous Reality TV daughter, Erica Rose) that MORE current and past season contestants are flying in to Houston to see Dr. Rose for surgery too.

Erica Rose, Reality TV veteran and daughter of celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose, a season nine contestant says casting associates told her to lose weight to have a better shot at getting on the show.

“And I was not overweight to begin with.  Once there, she says lots of booze and not much food was the norm during filming.  “Sometimes there wouldn’t be any food until 3 in the afternoon,” she said to Weiener.  “It seemed to me that they definitely did not want us gaining.”  (Warner Horizon Television, the studio that produces the show, declined to comment to Allure for the story.)

Read the Allure Magazine story in it’s entirety, click on an image below to view:







Follow Allure Magazine’s #1 celebrity blogger @JenniferWeiner on Twitter to live tweet along with her Monday nights: use hashtag #Bachelor and discuss!

This blog was originally published February 6, 2014