UPDATED: NEW Facelift techniques featured on ABC

UPDATED: Here is the link to Monday’s broadcast ICYMI- In case you missed it! https://abc13.com/health/stem-cells-from-patients-own-fat-make-the-facelift-new-again/1857112/

HOUSTON, Texas via KTRK Channel 13

For many people of a certain age, we feel we can spot a facelift a block away and so for many years we’ve opted to go the non-surgical route when it comes to reversing the signs of aging. Yet, now both men and women are choosing to go under the knife with a technique that promises more subtle changes that can last for decades.

Most people would look at 48-year-old Indya Rydman and think she looks years younger than what’s on her driver’s license. However, when she looked in the mirror, she saw something else. “I see the gradual sagging,” Rydman said, fussing at the reflection looking back at her.

“You see, she has a lot of looseness under here and we’re just going touch up a little bit around the eyes,” said Dr. Franklin Rose as he examined Rydman a week before her surgery.

“I’m actually doing this for myself because when I look in the mirror, I see what I want to fix,” Rydman said.

With a job in public relations, Rydman said, “My smile and my face is the first thing people see so it’s the most important part of my body.”

What they both saw were the effects of weight gained and lost while having kids, along with a genetic predisposition to hooded eyelids and the effects of gravity around Rydman’s jaw. Until now she had gone the non-surgical route with fillers to achieve the look of her younger days. Wanting a more permanent solution, she turned to Dr. Rose at his Houston-based Utopia Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa and his three-layer stem cell enhanced facelift.

“So the three layers are gently defatting, sometimes grafting with stem cell enhanced fat that we’re doing for her and then, of course, tightening up,” said Dr. Rose.

The goal is to create a more natural looking facelift.

“We’ve all seen facelifts of yesteryear where the patients are just pulled so tightly, it looks like kind of a wind tunnel. It doesn’t look pretty,” said Dr. Rose.

The newer facelifts he’s doing on his patients use smaller incisions and plump stem cells from a patient’s own fat, all making for a less painful and much shorter recovery. With incisions above and below her eyes, below her chin, in her hairline and in front and behind her ears, it’s the safe and natural filler found in Rydman’s own body that is the key to the rejuvenation.

“I love the results. They’re very natural and soft and I’m really excited. This facelift is supposed to last 15 to 20 years,” Rydman said.

Good candidates for the three-layer facelift can range in age from the early 30’s to those in their 80’s, depending on a patient’s skin. As for price, the procedure rings up around $15,000.


Monday, April 10th at 10pm: Learn about exiting NEW techniques in face-lift surgery on ABC 13 Eyewitness news with Gina Gaston – Growth-Factor enhanced facelifts, creating a look that is natural, beautiful, & essentially more than 12 -15 years younger!

HOUSTON, TX; April 10, 2017 – Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose has developed a new and innovative set of procedures we call a Growth-Factor enhanced facelift using the patient’s own tissues which can result in faster healing while restoring lost volume to the face and neck areas. His specific techniques utilize a 4 layer technique to address the aging face and neck to create a more youthful look. It is a combination of the new SMAS facelift that addresses three layers of tissue (unlike older methods that just pulled tight the top layer of skin alone), along with the patient’s own harvested fat rich cells (via liposuction) and plasma to enhance this technique.

Before & after houston facelift photo (courtesy of facebook)

Before & after facelift photo (courtesy of facebook)

THE SCIENCE: This innovative use of growth-factor enriched techniques has the potential to revolutionize traditional facelift surgery. Plastic Surgeon Franklin A. Rose, MD has been both studying and implementing this European technique to harness the powerful characteristics of plasma cells to increase the facial rejuvenation benefits of fat grafting for over ten years. Growth-factor enriched plasma cells can increase the survival rate of fat transfer, which can be long-lasting and often permanent.

Researchers have been exploring the regenerative properties of growth factors alongside platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for years, experimenting with their potential to aid in anti-aging treatments increasingly popular aesthetic procedures. The source of these cells comes from the patient’s own adipose tissue.

Indya Rydman is one such patient who has elected to undergo this procedure- follow her journey before, during, & after surgery to see her BIG REVEAL on ABC! 

Tune into ABC Eyewitness News on Channel 13 on Monday, April 10 at 10pm to see Indya’s BIG REVEAL following her Growth-Factor enhanced facelift by Dr. Franklin Rose with Gina Gaston!

NEW Facelift techniques

Favorite Review Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery in Cosmo & USA Today! Featuring Dr. Franklin Rose

ICYMI: In case you missed it – Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery featuring Dr. Franklin Rose was reviewed by many news outlets this week including Cosmopolitan Magazine, USA Today, the Daily Mail, Fox news, and numerous other media outlets.

Ivanka Trump & Plastic Surgery by DrFranklinRose

FROM COSMO: As Ivanka Trump continues to appear in the news, more and more people are reporting to want to be like her — or at least look like her.

“In my practice, Ivanka is sort of the new style icon for plastic surgery,” Houston surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose said. Rose said he’s already performed work on several women who want to look more like Ivanka.

It’s still unclear what sort of lasting influence Ivanka, an unofficial adviser to her father, will have on the nation’s policies, but if this trend continues, she might be leaving her mark in a completely different, and completely visual, way.

Review the original story in it’s entirety featuring Dr. Franklin Rose & patient stories: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/a9146097/people-are-spending-tens-of-thousands-of-dollars-on-plastic-surgery-to-look-like-ivanka-trump/

FROM USA TODAY: When a woman shows a celebrity picture to her plastic surgeon and says, “I want to look like her!” the face glowing on her phone might be Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson. And now, say some surgeons, the new star is Ivanka Trump.

And why not? “I think she’s exquisite,” Dr. Rose says.

So does one of his patients, Jenny Stewart, 37, who last summer underwent more than six hours of surgery by Rose to reshape her nose and augment her breasts. She got liposuction to harvest fat to lift her buttocks, and she got injectable fillers for her face.
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ONE-DAY Injectable Event! Friday March 10

ONE-DAY Injectable Event Friday March 10 Dysport: $3.50/unit Botox: $11/unit Restylane (Lyft or Silk): $500/syringe Juvederm (Ultra, Ultra Plus or Vobella XC): $575/syringe Restylane Refyne/Defyne: $650/syringe Kybella: $950/2 vials Give us a call today to schedule your appointment for this ONE DAY event – appointments will fill up quickly (713) 622-2277 Utopia Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa … Continue reading

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