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Village News / Southwest News  April 2012- By Michelle Leigh Smith

Houston Attorney Hailed as Hero After Quick Action on Flight from LA

Houston Attorney Ben Harwood Rose Stops Hijacking!

Ben Harwood Rose in today's News

Ben Harwood Rose in today’s News

Ben Harwood Rose was flying from Los Angeles to Phoenix via US Airways flight 500, and was just stretching after a quick nap. “He woke up to a crazy man pushing the food cart at  full speed into a flight attendant, heading towards the pilot’s cock pit,” says his mother, silhouette artist Cindi Rose, a graduate of Bellaire High and the University of Texas. “Ben was at the aisle seat between first class and economy, seat 4D,” Rose says. “He stood up, told the man to “settle down,” and grabbed him. The man had already hit the attendant, and clopped Ben on the back of his head. Ben wrangled the unruly man and, with others, held him until landing.”

Ben-Harwood-Rose Watch the Video

Watch the Video

“I told him that he can’t do this to America again, there are children and families on board,” says Houston attorney Ben Rose, 27. Later, he discovered the man was suffering from self pity and family turmoil. “The flight attendant gets this sudden look of terror in his face and falls back about seven feet and everything just flies off of the food cart in my direction,” said Rose. “I hear all of these screams. No one knew exactly what was going on.
Everyone’s thinking there’s a terrorist on board the flight.” “I was in the right seat,” Rose
reflects. He is quite humble and acknowledges that there were others on the plane who helped.

“Regardless of that man’s intentions, it’s not right to endanger other lives,” he says. “I was afraid the man would try to get into the cockpit,” Rose said. “The guy threw a punch at me.” Rose took the man down and other passengers helped hold him until landing. Rose said some people called him a hero. “I had no choice,” said the young attorney. He earned both his JD and his MBA with honors simultaneously at the University of Houston in May,
2011. Rose practices estate law at Kornblit & Associates.

Ben held him until the plane landed in Phoenix. The flight crew and pilot thanked him, and when he boarded his plane to Houston, he was hailed as a hero. “I was just one of many,” Rose said Wednesday night. “They asked me what I wanted,” laughs Rose, “I said, just a snack and a drink – no tickets,” he said. US Airways confirmed that Phoenix Police met the plane and arrested the man. Rose said FBI agents interviewed him and the recalcitrant

He has his mother Cindi’s strong spirit. She helped put her husband, Dr. Franklin Rose, through medical school and the couple sent Ben and his sister Erica Rose to the Awty International School and then to Emory University in Atlanta. Ben speaks fluent French and loves history, politics and the study of public policy. Dr. Rose practices medicine at the First Street Surgical Center in Bellaire and was one of the founding physicians who opened the facility in February, 2003.

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Over 20 Stars Walked the Red Carpet to Benefit the Rose Ribbon Foundation

Over 20 Stars walked the Red Carpet Friday night March 30th for Karen Steele’s Red Carpet Party to raise awareness for the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation and to honor the memory of Holly Harwood Skolkin, sister of Cindi Harwood Rose and Aunt to Erica Rose.

Wes Brown True Blood

Watch the Video

You're Invited!HOUSTON, April 3, 2012 — 20 Stars of today and tomorrow including Movie, Reality TV, & Music stars walked the Red Carpet at Saks Fifth Avenue Friday night March 30th for Karen Steele’s Red Carpet Party to raise awareness for the Rose Ribbon Foundation and to honor the memory of Holly Harwood Skolkin, sister of Silhouette Artist Cindi Harwood Rose and Aunt to Reality TV star Erica Rose.

Erica Rose

Watch the Video


Wes Brown and Erica Rose

Erica Rose and Wes Brown

Ruben Dominguez & Dave Morales of Friday mornings on Fox 26 News acted as Masters of Ceremonies interviewing Wes Brown of “True Blood”, “Private Practice”,  and upcoming new show “Scandal” airing April 2012 along with Reality TV star Erica Rose of “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor Pad” and upcoming horror movie “WTF” on Fox News on Friday morning along with introducing and interviewing dozens of stars as they walked the Red Carpet Friday night.


Dr. Franklin Rose & Brittney Booker, Miss Texas 2012The evening began at Saks Fifth Avenue with cocktails provided by Cru Wine Bar as the many stars walked the red carpet.  Stars in attendance along with Houston’s Favorite Reality Princess Erica Rose & True Blood’s Wes Brown  included Day 26’s R&B bandmember and MTV’s Making The Band Brian Angel, Brittany Booker- Miss Texas USA 2012, New Zealand pop sensation Shelley Mac, Actor & Director Joe Grisaffi, Actor Grant Goodman, R & B singer ZOEJenn Gershutz winner of “The Bachelor” Rome, Reality Super Star & three-time Survivor All-Star RUSSELL HANTZ along with nephew Brandon Hantz of Survivor were among the special guests along with Kristen Bredehoeft; who will be starring on “Flipped Off”, a new reality TV show airing April 28 on A&E.

Critically acclaimed Concert Pianist & Piano Prodigy REUEL MEDITZ mesmerized the crowd at Saks while mixing classical styling and improvisation as he performed his signature dubstep piano music.

Brandon Hantz, Renee Dillenseger, and Russell Hantz

Brandon Hantz, Renee Dillenseger, and Russell Hantz

The Texas Rocker Rod Williams performed at the fabulous after party at Deborah Colton Gallery along with Nashville Country Singer Allen Duhon & award winning singer Kristine Mills.  Dinner & dessert was provided by El Meson Restaurant & Haute Crepe.  The stars graciously stayed late into the night to mingle and celebrate with the guests & pose for tons of photos with those in attendance.  Among the many guests were Dr. Franklin Rose, Catherine Anspon, Bruce Padilla, Paige Camus, Angelica Chapman, Ashley Guidry, Emily Petersen Arnim, Barbara Davis, Deborah Colton, Marissa Fellows, Jaclyn Martinez, Natalie Martin, Shana Boutte’, Haley Harloquin, Amber Akers, Riyad Abu-Taha, Anand Varadarajan, Jason Cohen, Renee Dillenseger, Mary Tipton, Joey Darwish & Pat Darwish.

Catherine Anspon, Barbara Davis, Deborah Colton

Catherine Anspon, Barbara Davis and Deborah Colton

All funds raised by the event went to benefit the Rose Ribbon Foundation.  The success of the fundraiser is a testament to the life work of Holly Harwood Skolkin.  Cindi Harwood Rose announced that the Rose Ribbon Foundation will soon be re-named the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation in honor of her sister Holly, who recently passed away in February after a heroic 15 year battle against terminal stage four breast cancer. Even in the last stages of breast cancer, Holly was more worried about others than herself, friends and relatives said.


Cindi Rose Bruce Padilla

Cindi Rose and Bruce Padilla

Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose and Cindi Rose joined forces with entertainment publicist Karen Steele to put on their star studded Red Carpet Party to benefit the The Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation.

Established in 2005 by Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose and philanthropist and silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose the Rose Ribbon Foundation aims to improve the emotional health of those with critical illness by providing free reconstruction to both uninsured and under-insured individuals of all ages and both sexes. Yearly, twelve to fifteen people receive free breast reconstruction from the Rose Ribbon Foundation. All the money donated goes directly to the patients, including their total hospital cost, all nurses, medicines and other doctors. Recently, the foundation has included non- human hair wigs, comfortable robes, pillows, permanent eyebrows and psychological support to those with critical sickness.

Several years ago, Cindi Rose’s sister, Holly Harwood Skolkin, was diagnosed with breast cancer and told she had three months to live. After learning of their sister’s illness and that more than 45 million Americans are without health insurance, Dr. Franklin Rose and Cindi Rose made it their mission to help those in need. The Rose Ribbon Foundation is a non-profit charity organization 501 (c) (3), soon to be re-named the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation.

Holly Harwood Skolkin

Holly Harwood Skolkin

Special Thanks to our Wonderful Chairs, Sponsors, & Hosts:

Directors Chairs: Dustin Price, Cindi Rose, George Boyd and Erica Rose

Sponsors: Saks Fifth Avenue, Crate Interiors, Price Land and Energy, Deborah Colton Gallery, Cru Wine Bar, El Meson Restaurant, Haute Crepe, Nice Winery, Dryden Event Productions, Emerge Productions






Dr. Franklin Rose joins Heidi Montag on ABC Primetime Plastic Surgery Special

via CULTUREMAP, Houston Texas
By Steven Thomson

Watch the video featuring Dr. Franklin Rose
Watch the video featuring Dr. Franklin Rose

Houston’s plastic surgery patriarch Dr. Franklin Rose took his cosmetic surgery know how to the tube for ABC’s Primetime special with Lisa Ling titled Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Too Far?

Watch the Video featuring Dr. Franklin Rose on YouTube
Watch the Video featuring Dr. Franklin Rose on YouTube

“The statistics show ever-increasing numbers of younger patients,” Franklin Rose tells CultureMap, “so while the special focuses on celebrity plastic surgery, I am interviewed on the cultural influence on younger people.”

Erica Rose, Dr. Franklin Rose, and Cindi Rose

Erica Rose, Dr. Franklin Rose, and Cindi Rose

Dr. Rose was interviewed for the Primetime slot alongside two patients, the 17-year-old Tracy Karp, who received a rhinoplasty, and 19-year-old Caitlin Clemmins.

“I gave her a beautiful breast augmentation,” Rose says. “We took her from an A cup to a full C cup when she was 19.”

The special explores the appropriateness of young people going under the knife, but Rose argues that he only selects patients who are emotionally stable, and stand to benefit from the self-esteem boost.

Dr. Franklin Rose is no stranger to the camera — he’s appeared on Dr. Phil, Entertainment Tonight, and MTV’s I Want a Famous Face. He’s also the father of reality TV star/law student Erica Rose (of The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad) and the husband of socialite silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose.

“They’re hoping for a ratings smash,” Rose says.

Read the story in it’s entirety here:

Watch the video here: