Favorite HOTTEST TRENDS IN PLASTIC SURGERY: the “Kardashian Effect” with Lily Jang & Dr. Rose

UPDATED 11/9/15:

The ‘Kardashian Effect’: Women aim for curvy look with plastic surgery

Click here to see the broadcast: https://www.khou.com/story/news/health/2015/11/06/kardashian-effect-women-aim-curvy-look-plastic-surgery/75225744/

HOUSTON – Brazilian Buttock Lifts are the fastest growing trend in plastic surgery and doctors call it “the Kardashian effect.”



Mendoza wanted the rest of her body to look as young as her face. After two kids, she decided it was time to get a Brazilian butt lift. Meet 38-year-old Barbara Mendoza, of Katy, Texas.

“I’m from Venezuela, so it’s normal in my country to be curvy. I was thinking more like where I come from,” Mendoza said.

She came to Dr. Franklin Rose at Utopia Plastic Surgery and Med Spa for her new curves.

“It’s very common for us to do liposuction, tummy tuck, maybe even some breast work at the same time we’re doing the buttock lift,” Rose said.

Rose did liposuction on Mendoza’s mid-section and injected that fat into her buttocks for the “Kardashian” curve. The recovery? Just a long weekend.

“You’re just doing the liposuction and fat graphs to the buttocks, quick. Do it on a Thursday, go back to work on a Monday,” Rose said.

These $5,000 to $6,000 Brazilian butt lifts are in high demand. Rose performs up to four of them a month.

Mendoza says getting this lift has actually helped her stay in shape.

“When you have surgeries, you have to go to the gym, but you feel more healthy,” she said.

When she looks in the mirror, she likes what she sees, and more importantly, loves how she feels.

“And I feel like with more confidence. I believe in me. I can do this,” she said.

And she’s finally getting used to the comments and the attention from men and women.

“Sometimes I feel nervous because they look at me like, wow. That makes me feel weird but I’m OK with that,” Mendoza said. “I know this sounds superficial, but I feel beautiful. I feel sexy. I feel sensual.”


original post follows:

HOT NEW TRENDS IN PLASTIC SURGERY: Friday on CH 11 with Lily Jang & Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose

HOUSTON, TEXAS: On KHOU Channel 11 Friday morning, Emmy nominated journalist & morning news anchor Lily Jang will feature Dr. Franklin Rose and patients as they discuss the hottest trends in plastic surgery today.

Tune in to follow the stories of three patients before, during, and after their trendy new plastic surgeries by one of Houston’s most popular plastic surgeons Dr. Franklin Rose.

First up, Lily will chat with a female patient who has had a Brazilian buttock-lift; this hot new trend in plastic surgery involves body contouring and fat transfer to harvest fat from certain areas of the body and transfer to the buttock area. The Brazilian buttock-lift is one of the hottest new procedure today that is growing in popularity among many.

Next, Lily visits with a prominent attorney who has argued before the United States Supreme Court looking for a more youthful appearance while still maintaining a natural look. Often we see men who seek a rhinoplasty following a sports injury or to improve breathing function. More and more, men are visiting the plastic surgeon desiring to improve specific problem areas of the aging face such as the neck, cheek and jowl areas. Plastic surgery procedures for men are becoming more common-place for men of all ages than ever!

And then, the Utopia Liquid Lunchtime Facelift, – the answer for many who seek subtle improvements and who often do not have the downtime required for a surgical procedure. This special combination of techniques by Dr. Rose can be done in the office and provides INSTANT GRATIFICATION with a beautiful and natural result – and the best part is that you can return to work the following day! Find out how it works on our blog: https://drfranklinrosemd.com/liquid-lunchtime-facelifts-chin-implants-dr-franklin-rose/

“With these new plastic surgery procedures growing in popularity, certainly I think these types of procedures will become more prevalent than ever before,” said Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose of Utopia Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa.

Tune in to KHOU Friday morning, November 6th at 6 am with Emmy nominated journalist & morning news anchor Lily Jang on Channel 11 in Houston.


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Favorite Houston’s own Erica Rose in That Bachelorette Show off-Broadway Play

Houston’s own Bachelorette Erica Rose in That Bachelorette Show off-Broadway Play in NYC

New York’s newest interactive sensation, That Bachelorette Show featured Reality TV Princess Erica Rose (ABC’s The Bachelor Pad, The Bachelor: Rome; and VH1’s You’re Cut Off) on Saturday.  “Staged in nightclub 42WestThat Bachelorette Show is a dancing-room-only interactive Off-Broadway parody that is one part dance party, one part play, and all awesome!”

Houston's Bachelorette Erica Rose-that-bacheloretteshow
From left to right: Miss New York USA 2013 Joanne Nosuchinsky
  (Adriana Orlando – The Bachelorette), Erica Rose (of ABC’s the Bachelor), & Andy Peeke  (Malcolm Love – The Host)

erica-rose-newyorkAt That Bachelorette Show, guests mixed, mingled, and danced it up to favorite dance club hits, as each of the bachelors vied to be chosen.  The bachelors competed in dance contests, ab-offs, and more.

Learn more on their website visit: https://thatbacheloretteshow.com/

thatbacheloretteshow.erica.roseClick the image to see the hilariously fun video!

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Who is Houston’s best plastic surgeon? As featured in CultureMap!

UNDER THE KNIFE: Who is Houston’s best plastic surgeon? That depends on who you ask, so we’ve asked around

Interesting how every fall, when the social scene starts ginning again, the swans return often more lovely than when they departed in June. Could it be the cooler climes of Nantucket and Colorado, the stress reduction or something else?

We say, something else.


Image courtesy of CultureMap

Image courtesy of CultureMap

Nips and tucks, resurfacing and fillers — yes, that’s the business of age-defying summer beautification that delivers a blush of youth to our leading ladies (and some gents). June, July and August, when everyone is either hibernating indoors or out of town beating the heat, is prime time for a little personal rejuvenation. But who to turn to when the mirror shouts middle age or worse?

As there is no concrete means of measuring the skills of the deep pool of area plastic surgeons, we have done the next best thing. We asked those at the center of the city’s social swirl which docs are currently enjoying the most buzz.

Of course, Houston’s most out-there, high-profile plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose made the cut.

With the near-miracle of youth-generating fillers that are proliferating, Becca Cason Thrash says that many of her friends are avoiding the knife, opting instead for the needle.

This is not to say that there are not many more top-notch plastic surgeons in the city. These are simply the ones who the ladies discuss over lunch at Brasserie 19 or at Tony’s.

Thanks to SHELBY HODGE & CULTUREMAP for the mention & story!