Dr. Franklin Rose on Anderson- Top 5 Tips If You’re Considering Plastic Surgery

Monday, April 30, 2012: Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose Today on Anderson – Dr. Rose’s Top 5 Tips If You’re Considering Plastic Surgery & Women who have had Plastic Surgery to look like their favorite Celebrity

Dr. Franklin Rose on Anderson- Women who have Plastic Surgery to look like a Celebrity

Dr. Franklin Rose on Anderson- Women who have Plastic Surgery to look like a Celebrity

Dr. Rose’s Top 5 Tips If You’re Considering Plastic Surgery

On today’s show, Anderson and Monday Co-Host Kristen Johnston met women who have undergone plastic surgery to look like celebrities. What did you think of the extremes these women have gone to in order to look like celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Carmen Electra?

Have you considered cosmetic surgery?

Franklin A Rose, MD of Utopia Plastic Surgery and MedSpa is a board certified plastic surgeon serving the greater Houston area. As a nationally recognized cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Rose takes pride in providing the best in patient care and safety. Below, Dr. Franklin Rose reviews his top five tips for those considering plastic surgery…

  1.  Chose a Well-Experienced Surgeon Make sure your surgeon is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose says there are many kinds of doctors, and everyone wants to get into the field of cosmetic medicine, so it’s important you are using an actual plastic surgeon, someone board certified. It’s very important that patients are cautious about who they chose. The media sometimes tends to trivialize plastic and cosmetic surgery — it’s not like getting your hair done. All procedures are very serious and patients need to place themselves in the hands of a well-skilled plastic surgeon. Only plastic surgeons are truly trained to understand the human anatomy.
  2. Select an Accredited Surgery Center Make sure the procedure is performed at a major hospital or fully certified out-patient surgery center. There are certain surgeons who cannot get proper credentials. This is why there are dermatologists that attempt to do breast augmentation within their own office. It is imperative to find a well respected and well-known center for the procedure.
  3. Have a Good Referral There’s a lot of marketing for plastic surgery but it’s important not to trust an ad in a magazine or newspaper. Find a good referral. Talk to family, friends and check with your family doctor. It’s important to have a strong referral source. Never select a plastic surgeon based on a pretty website. Do not let marketing sway your decision.
  4. Make Sure Surgeon is Part of a Peer Reviewed Society It’s important your surgeon is part of a peer-reviewed society, like the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or New York Medical Society. These doctors have a good referral network and American Society of Plastic Surgeons- the largest group of board certified surgeons. They have a good referral network and encourage high standards of training, ethics, physician practice and research.
  5. Good Bedside Manner Make sure you like the bedside manner of your surgeon. This is important because your selected surgeon is responsible for your surgery but also caring for you during the entire post-operative period. If you have any doubt about your surgeon’s honesty or ethics, don’t proceed with the procedure. Dr. Franklin Rose says patients are bright and get a good sense immediately if a surgeon is right for them.If you have reservations about his or her character or ethical integrity, says Dr. Rose, request a second or third consultation before proceeding with surgery. Don’t proceed if you have personal reservations based on a first consultation.

Watch the Video

Anderson Cooper and Kristen Johnston are mesmerized by women undergoing plastic surgery to look like celebrities. Do these women have an unrealistic expectation of beauty for wanting to look like Jennifer Lopez and Carmen Electra, and will they ever stop having procedures?

Brandi joined the show today to discuss the many plastic surgery procedures she went through in order to look more like Carmen Electra. Brandi originally had breast augmentation, rhinoplasty (nose job) and body contouring liposuction performed by Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose in Houston, Texas on MTV’s Reality TV show ‘I Want a Famous Face.’

See Brandi before her Plastic Surgery on MTV's I want a Famous Face

See Brandi before her Plastic Surgery on MTV’s I want a Famous Face

When Anderson asked why she wants to look like someone else, Brandi replied, “Let’s put it to you this way Carmen Electra was my idol. Look at her, she’s beautiful.”

Ana, who sat next to Brandi, said she was inspired by Jennifer Lopez’s rear end, and had a lipo-sculpture procedure done. She had the fat from her waist transferred to her bottom, and said she did it because she was getting older and no matter how much she exercised, was not losing any more weight.

She said, “I do still have my Latin curves, to which I’m very proud of.”

Would you consider surgery to look like a someone famous?

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Suzi Hanks talks about her Facial Rejuvenation Journey with Dr. Franklin Rose

Follow Suzi Hanks as she shares her facial rejuvenation journey before, during, and after surgery by Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Franklin A. Rose, MD on her blog and 106.9 and 107.5, Houston’s Eagle https://www.houstonseagle.com/

106.9 and 107.5, Houston's Eagle

UPDATE: JUNE 14, 2012– Suzi is looking & feeling great after facelift surgery with liposuction & laser skin-tightening treatment by Dr. Franklin Rose!  See her beautiful before & after surgery photos, along with her video blogs here.

suzi-hanks-dr-franklin-rose-md facial-rejuvenation

Visit Suzi’s blog to see her videos & read her story

Suzi Hanks on her facial rejuvenation journey with Dr. Franklin Rose

Follow Suzi’s facial rejuvenation journey with Dr. Franklin Rose on her Blog

Follow Suzi’s journey on her blog by visiting this link~

HOUSTON, TX: April 16, 2012-  Suzi Hanks, Morning show Co-Host on Houston’s Eagle, is in her mid 40s and grew up in Southern California; Palm Desert to be exact – the “Golf Capital of The World.” Suzi moved here to Houston Texas in 1998 and enjoys spending time on her boat here in Galveston on the Gulf Coast.

Over the years, through time and years of sun exposure, the damage and the resulting aging effects show on her skin and Dr. Rose will essentially reverse the signs of aging with a lower face lift with liposuction to address her jowling and extra skin on her neck, along with laser resurfacing to address her brown spots & fine lines and wrinkles, helping her to look 10 years younger THIS THURSDAY- April 19, 2012 Suzi will blog about her plastic surgery with Dr. Rose so you can see her before & after surgery, and her beautiful results from her facial rejuvenation.  Suzi has already undergone breast augmentation, eyelid lift, and body contour liposuction by Dr. Franklin Rose and she is ready to take the next step in her fight against the aging process.

Watch Suzi's videos before & after surgery with Dr. Franklin Rose

Watch Suzi’s videos before & after surgery with Dr. Franklin Rose

Watch the latest videos and read Suzi’s blog as she goes through facial rejuvenation under the care of Dr. Franklin Rose and Utopia Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa

Suzi Hanks graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a degree in radio/tv/film. Suzi’s first job in the industry was at NBC in Burbank. After being successful in her position at NBC, Suzi began to work with shows and stars such as: Johnny Carson with The Tonight Show, Wheel of Fortune, Scrabble, Classic Concentration, Donahue, Late Night with David Letterman and Bob Hope!

Suzi then worked in Wyoming, where she worked at two TV stations in the state and a local radio station. Suzi moved to Houston Texas in 1998 and started working as a reporter for a local news radio station.

Suzi’s popularity began to increase dramatically with her on-air reporting of Tropical Storm Allison, the Enron case, and the Columbia disaster. Her success led her to the world of FM radio. Suzi resides in Galveston, with her husband, where they enjoy riding their water craft.

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Ben Harwood Rose Hailed as a Hero – Southwest Village News

Village News / Southwest News  April 2012- By Michelle Leigh Smith

Houston Attorney Hailed as Hero After Quick Action on Flight from LA

Houston Attorney Ben Harwood Rose Stops Hijacking!

Ben Harwood Rose in today's News

Ben Harwood Rose in today’s News

Ben Harwood Rose was flying from Los Angeles to Phoenix via US Airways flight 500, and was just stretching after a quick nap. “He woke up to a crazy man pushing the food cart at  full speed into a flight attendant, heading towards the pilot’s cock pit,” says his mother, silhouette artist Cindi Rose, a graduate of Bellaire High and the University of Texas. “Ben was at the aisle seat between first class and economy, seat 4D,” Rose says. “He stood up, told the man to “settle down,” and grabbed him. The man had already hit the attendant, and clopped Ben on the back of his head. Ben wrangled the unruly man and, with others, held him until landing.”

Ben-Harwood-Rose Watch the Video

Watch the Video

“I told him that he can’t do this to America again, there are children and families on board,” says Houston attorney Ben Rose, 27. Later, he discovered the man was suffering from self pity and family turmoil. “The flight attendant gets this sudden look of terror in his face and falls back about seven feet and everything just flies off of the food cart in my direction,” said Rose. “I hear all of these screams. No one knew exactly what was going on.
Everyone’s thinking there’s a terrorist on board the flight.” “I was in the right seat,” Rose
reflects. He is quite humble and acknowledges that there were others on the plane who helped.

“Regardless of that man’s intentions, it’s not right to endanger other lives,” he says. “I was afraid the man would try to get into the cockpit,” Rose said. “The guy threw a punch at me.” Rose took the man down and other passengers helped hold him until landing. Rose said some people called him a hero. “I had no choice,” said the young attorney. He earned both his JD and his MBA with honors simultaneously at the University of Houston in May,
2011. Rose practices estate law at Kornblit & Associates.

Ben held him until the plane landed in Phoenix. The flight crew and pilot thanked him, and when he boarded his plane to Houston, he was hailed as a hero. “I was just one of many,” Rose said Wednesday night. “They asked me what I wanted,” laughs Rose, “I said, just a snack and a drink – no tickets,” he said. US Airways confirmed that Phoenix Police met the plane and arrested the man. Rose said FBI agents interviewed him and the recalcitrant

He has his mother Cindi’s strong spirit. She helped put her husband, Dr. Franklin Rose, through medical school and the couple sent Ben and his sister Erica Rose to the Awty International School and then to Emory University in Atlanta. Ben speaks fluent French and loves history, politics and the study of public policy. Dr. Rose practices medicine at the First Street Surgical Center in Bellaire and was one of the founding physicians who opened the facility in February, 2003.

Original story: https://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/launch.aspx?referral=other&refresh=Z0i86rL1K1b7&PBID=833555a5-ac94-4b0b-9a4f-0e43e4cb75c0&skip=
5160 Spruce
Bellaire, Tx. 77401
E-Mail: MyNews@Village-Southwest-News.com
Village News & Southwest News are published each Tuesday by Responsive Newspapers, L.P., © 2012. All rights reserved.

Additional Video is also available here: https://www.click2houston.com/news/airplane-passenger-from-houston-called-a-hero

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Register to Win a $1,000 Laser Package from Dr. Franklin Rose

HOUSTON, TEXAS: April , 2012-
From Dr. Franklin Rose, Utopia Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa, Houston’s Eagle Radio,  & Uptown Park Houston

It’s official… April’s Register to Win promotion is underway and you’re not going to believe what’s at stake! Click the two links below for a chance to win a $1,000 LASER PACKAGE – courtesy of Houston, TX Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose, MD and Utopia Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa in Uptown Park!

Click to enter to win FREE Laser treatments

Click to enter to win FREE Laser treatments

“You found a twenty dollar bill tucked away in a clutch you haven’t carried since last spring, and your horoscope is predicting a downpour of good fortune. Put your luck to the test and enter to win the fabulous prize package from Dr. Franklin Rose & Houston’s Uptown Park, the Euro-inspired urban shopping oasis where you love to shop, sip and savor. The prize on the line will blow you away: a $1,000 luxe laser pampering package at Utopia Plastic Surgery and MedSpa featuring CoolGlide Laser Hair Removal, Laser Genesis Skin Therapy, Limelight Laser Facial, Pearl Skin Resurfacing or CoolGlide Vein Therapy. Winner’s choice: the package can be used toward any single or combination of these “Get sexy for summer” laser treatment services. April showers bring May powers. Enter to win!” -Houston Tidbits

TWO CHANCES TO WIN!  Register to win on these two separate links below to


Drawing is on April 30, 2012, and package expires May 1, 2013.



Drawing is on April 28, 2012, and package expires May 1, 2013.

Houston’s Eagle Radio,
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