Houston socialite Erica Rose returns to TV for the Bachelor Pad 2

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If you just watched the premiere of “Bachelor Pad” on Monday, then you know Houston’s very own controversial reality TV star is at it again.

There’s no doubt Houston socialite Erica Rose has made a name for herself as the reality TV star fans love to hate.

“I think after the Bachelor Pad, that won’t exist anymore, because there’s a lot more crazy people on the Bachelor Pad than me,” Rose said.

Rose claims she’s shed her spoiled princess image along with those tiaras and has taken on the role of comic relief.

“I’m just naturally entertaining, a funny person. I have a good sense of humor and I’m really not that dramatic at all, so I don’t think that that’s part of it,” she said.

And while they call this reality TV, how much is really real?

“No one was acting or putting on any acts for the camera or putting on any fake drama. It was the same off camera as it was on camera. There wasn’t any fakeness going into it,” Rose said.

She promises fans of “Bachelor Pad” Season 2 won’t be disappointed. Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi reunite after their very nasty public split. And Rose says it’s all-out war.

“Jake and Vienna just really don’t get along and they just don’t see eye-to-eye and she just really doesn’t want to forgive him,” Rose said.

Rose and Girardi became fast friends while shooting the show. And she’s the reason her newfound friend decided to get a new nose.

“She thought that I had a really great nose and everything so I just encouraged her to do it and I told her that my dad would be more than willing to do it,” Rose said.

Rose’s father is renowned Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose. Girardi flew to the Bayou City last month and had the surgery. The before and after pictures are featured in this week’s “Us Weekly.” She even stayed at the Rose family home during her recovery.

So does this mean he’ll become the doctor to the reality TV stars?

“Some of them want also to have plastic surgery, so I guess back in the day there were plastic surgeons up at the Playboy mansion. Now we can be plastic surgeons for The Bachelor franchise,” Dr. Franklin Rose said.

Rose is not only back in the reality TV saddle, she’s also in law school at UH and hopes to become an entertainment lawyer with, you guessed it, her own reality TV court show, so Nancy Grace and Judge Judy, watch out.

Contact Dr. Franklin Rose

Contact Dr. Franklin Rose

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Bachelor Winner Vienna Girardi happy with her rhinoplasty surgery performed by Dr. Franklin Rose, MD

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Former “Bachelor” winner Vienna Girardi underwent a rhinoplasty on July 15, and the reality star is ecstatic over the results in this video taken less than 2 weeks (13 days) after rhinoplasty.

Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose — whose daughter is none other than former “Bachelor” contestant Erica Rose — performed the nose job for Vienna, who Tweeted : “I want my surgery to be looked at as positive reflection of how I feel,”

” If it makes you feel better about yourself then DO IT. xoxo”

Vienna and Kasey are back in front of the cameras on ABC’s “Bachelor Pad 2” which premiered on August 8 and airs on Monday nights. Keep in mind that the show taped before Vienna’s nose surgery and so it is her ‘old nose’ on the show 🙂


Contact Dr. Franklin Rose

Contact Dr. Franklin Rose


UPDATED: Dr. Franklin Rose gives Bachelor Contestant Winner Vienna Girardi the Nose She has Wanted All her Life!


Via Entertainment Tonight ETOnline; By RAPHAEL CHESTANG


Vienna Girardi, winner of The Bachelor on ABC underwent a nose-sculpting procedure on July 15 and ET’s cameras were there capturing it all.

“I want to have a feminine nose,” Vienna explained, revealing that she’s been teased about the shape of her nose since she was a small child. “I don’t want to be called horse face.”

Fellow former “The Bachelor” contestant Erica Rose encouraged Vienna to go through with the procedure and suggested her father, a plastic surgeon, for the job. Although, Vienna and Erica were on two different seasons of “The Bachelor,” they became close friends when they shot “Bachelor Pad” together.

Erica’s dad, Dr. Franklin Rose, practices in Houston, Texas, and he described the hour-long surgery as “routine.”

Before the procedure, Vienna couldn’t contain her enthusiasm, gushing, “I think the most exciting thing about this process is that in a week I’m going to take the bandages off … and I’ll be able to look in the mirror and see a beautiful nose.”


Check out the new Us Weekly, on stands Friday, for more details on Vienna’s surgery and her reunion with Jake Pavelka on “Bachelor Pad” which airs August 8 on ABC.

Vienna Girardi's Nose job by Dr. Franklin Rose

Vienna Girardi’s Nose job in US Magazine by Dr. Franklin Rose

View the original story in it’s entirety: http://www.etonline.com/tv/112618_Watch_Former_Bachelor_Contestant_Vienna_Girardi_Goes_Under_the_Knife/

Originally Posted July 25, 2011