Cars, Cigars & MORE: A Gentlemen’s Night Out in Uptown Park with Lucho & Utopia

Houston, Texas; June 13, 2018   “Dapper Dads and Dudes” an exclusive evening hosted by LUCHO & Utopia MedSpa in Uptown Park aims to entertain attendees with an enticing evening involving shopping, exotic cars, cigars, tequila tastings, men’s grooming & MORE including “Brotox!” = BOTOX for MEN with aesthetic nurse Brooke of Utopia MedSpa! A perfect opportunity to both curate those Father’s Day wish list desires while unreservedly indulging in a well-deserved night out. While tailored especially towards catering to men and their pastimes & pleasures–this luxe event promises something for everyone to enjoy as well (ladies too!)

BROTOX – Botox for men has wildly risen in popularity over 258% in just the past ten years according to Men’s Fitness magazine and Brooke  will be on hand throughout the evening to help those gents who desire to continue to look their best! (Only $10 PER UNIT for this special event)

Hosted at LUCHO in Uptown Park, the perfect location for creating the celebratory ambiance of the evening will be amplified by the divine masculine appeal of the various luxury vendors including Lucho’s exclusive private label cigars and custom-fit high fashion clothes, shoes and finery. Award-winnning J Paul Skin Care for Men will join forces with Utopia MedSpa for the evening at LUCHO-helping men who want to look their very best with the latest in anti-aging offerings tailored for a man’s unique skincare needs. Adding to the excitement: Ecurie25 Super Car Club will be in attendance – proudly displaying exotic cars (think Ferrari, McLaren, Rolls Royce) so attendees are sure to know they have arrived at their destination! Ecurie25 is a private members club that provides an unmatched experience behind the wheel of the world’s finest supercars combined with access to epic driving tours and elegant, private F1 events. A tequila tasting will be set up by Ley 925 Tequila, makers of Ley Diamente, World Guinness Record winners of the most exclusive bottle of tequila in the world. Lite bites and elevated eats by and wine will be served throughout the evening.

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Benefiting Helping a Hero 
Empowering severely wounded veterans returning from service in the War on Terror, primarily by providing specially adapted homes to reintegrate them into their community in Houston Texas and more.

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UPDATED: BIG to Little! Bariatric Plastic Surgery featured on DISCOVERY

UPDATE: Tune into DISCOVERY life channel, Friday June 8th 6AM central time to catch up with Marcus ONE YEAR post op bariatric weight loss surgery by Dr. Franklin Rose

Peter Nielsen: LIFE COACHING – Season One Episode 32 – “From Obese to Triathelete” Peter Nielsen introduces a remarkable man who went from weighing nearly 500 pounds to completing triathlons in fewer than two years!


BIG to Little! Bariatric Plastic Surgery as seen on ABC with Gina Gaston:

Houstonian sheds massive amounts of skin to prove scales are no longer the measure of the man

Man begins journey to cut away 65 pounds of skin.
^^Click the link above to view the video with Gina Gaston on ABC^^


Marcus Cook is saddled by rolls of fat that hang down from his stomach to mid-thigh, and while that may not sound like a physique you’d be proud to show off, he is proud of this body he has worked hard to shape.

“I actually did an iron man and I did it with all my skin,” said Marcus Cook. “I’ve had a lot of scans and the scans say I have about 65 pounds of skin that just ain’t going away.”

The extra skin is what’s left after Cook went from weighing 500 pounds to 220. He got bariatric surgery but his doctor warned him to keep the weight off he’d need to redefine himself. He did that in triumphant fashion training so much that he was able to complete Texas Ironman — a 16 hour athletic challenge.

But then Marcus wanted to take the next makeover step so he called Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose to remove the extra skin on his stomach.

“What we do in this operation is cut right down to the muscles, tighten up the muscles, then remove all of this skin and fat flap,” said Dr. Rose.

Dr. Rose says the number of people getting skin removal is rising as gastric bypass surgeries become more prevalent. He estimates they are up 10-15 percent over the past few years. It costs about $13,000.

He says the typical so-called “mommy makeover” stomach tuck takes about two hours, but Cook’s procedure took four and a half hours. His risks, the same as with any abdominoplasty, was mostly excessive bleeding.

Just 12 days after surgery — even with some swelling — Cook is shocked by his new view.

“I look down and it’s gone and I cannot wait to fulfill the things that I’ve been pursuing. I feel great,” Cook said.

Cook says he isn’t done yet. He wants to remove extra skin on his arms, chest, back and thighs. And his mission isn’t just personal anymore.

“Yes, he looks great and he’s tighter, but he’s also raised many thousands of dollars for the Ironman Foundation, and so he does this not just for himself, but to give other people hope,” Dr. Rose said.

Cook says he’s been overweight since his teenage years, and along with shedding pounds and skin, he’s also shed the way he measures his own success.

“People say, what do you want to weigh? I don’t have a new weight goal. I will try to shave two hours of my marathon time from last year, so that’s my new goal,” Cook added.

View the original story in it’s entirety featuring bariatric plastic surgery by Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose review on ABC:


HOUSTON, TX – May 2016: Marcus Cook had a wake-up call when he looked at the scales after seeing a photo of himself at a crawfish boil last year. Weighing well over 400 pounds, Marcus decided it was time to take action and face his challenge head-on.
Following gastric bypass surgery his whole life changed when watching an Ironman Triathlon on TV. Since that time, Marcus has shed over 260 pounds and participated in 6 triathlons including the IRONMAN competition, a charitable athletic event that has raised over 50 million dollars to help those in need  – inspiring and encouraging others on their massive weight loss journeys and chronicling his own on his website
Despite his incredible story of success and triumph, Marcus found that after his dramatic weight loss there still remained – the loose, hanging skin on his stomach serving as a constant reminder of his heavier self; holding him back from many athletic activities he wishes to excel in that could not be resolved with diet and exercise alone. 


SNEAK PEEK! After undergoing #gastricbypass surgery, Marcus has lost 263 pounds. Dr. Franklin Rose is performing #bariatric plastic surgery abdominoplasty for Marcus TODAY to help him prepare for the #IronManCompetition – a charitable event that has raised over 50 million dollars to help those in need.
Marcus is a triathlete and is looking forward to running in both the #Kona & #BostonMarathon – thin & trim after removal of his excess skin to improve his performance as well as his body image & self esteem.
An #Ironman #Triathlon is one of a series of long-distance triathlon races organized by the World Triathlon Corporation, consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride and a marathon 26.22-mile run, raced in that order and without a break. Tune in to #ABC13 Houston #EyewitnessNews in a couple of weeks to see his incredible and LIFE CHANGING transformation!

Posted by Franklin Rose on Thursday, May 4, 2017

Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose says stories like these are common. “Following extreme weight loss after bariatric and gastric bypass surgery, the whole body changes. After working hard to lose the excess weight, it’s understandable that patients want to continue to improve their appearance. With an an abdominoplasty, also called a ‘tummy-tuck’ procedure, we can significantly improve both the patient’s outward appearance as well as boosting their overall health and self-esteem, helping individuals continue to achieve their weight loss, fitness, and personal goals.”

Follow IRONMAN Marcus Cook’s  journey before, during, & after surgery to see his BIG REVEAL on ABC! 

Tune into ABC Eyewitness News on Channel 13 on Sunday, May 21 at 10pm to review Marcus Cook’s BIG REVEAL following his cosmetic abdominoplasty by Dr. Franklin Rose with Gina Gaston!

gina gaston review

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Happy Memorial Day from Dr. Franklin Rose & Utopia MedSpa

Red, White, and BEAUTIFUL!!

Dr. Franklin Rose’s patient Rachael after revision breast augmentation photo by Tracy Hicks

Rachael shares her breast augmentation story:

“I found Dr. Rose through a friend and  I had heard he is the best doctor in Houston.  I was in search of a skilled doctor because I was having pain in my right breast due to a breast augmentation performed when I was 20 years old by another Houston doctor.  Upon consultation; Dr. Rose informed my that the other doctor had over-lacerated my right breast causing pressure on my nerve.  He explained to me that what he could do is cut further in and up; which meant going bigger.  I decided to go through with the reconstructive breast repair surgery.  Of course I decided if I was going to have them redone I was going to get the new silicone ‘gummy bear’ breast implants.  After the swelling and bruising went away I was amazed by the look of them and the fact that I no longer had pain!

“Everywhere I go I get asked who did my breast augmentation because they look so great.”

I work at Hooters and Dr. Rose had told me before the surgery that I would make the Hooters Calendar.  Well he was right!  I was picked to be a part of the Hooters 2014 calendar! I had planned on quitting Hooters, but I was talked into trying out for the calendar one last time.  I recently placed top ten in the Hooters Texas State Pageant and will now be going to the Hooters  International Pageant and will be competing for the chance to be Ms. Hooters International! Everywhere I go I get asked who did my breast augmentation because they look so great.  Dr. Rose has truly changed my life.  The door for opportunities has been opened for me.  One thing I really love about the revision breast augmentation he did for me is the fact that he eliminated the gap between them that was there from my previous breast augmentation surgery.  I am more confident and have NO PAIN now!”

See photos of the Hooters Texas State Pageant and Houstonian Rachael Asher place among the top ten among the Texas finalists here:

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Favorite The Bachelor’s Erica Rose Reveals Gender of Baby No. 2 on E! Entertainment News!

Our beautiful family has so much to celebrate!

Cindi & Dr. Franklin Rose’s Daughter/The Bachelor star Erica Rose and husband, Charles, are expecting their first child together!

Via E! News:

The Bachelor‘s Erica Rose Reveals the Sex of Baby No. 2

Photo by Mikki Chernoff courtesy of E! News

Photo by Mikki Chernoff courtesy of E! News

Erica Rose is thinking pink! The Bachelor star is expecting a baby girl, E! News has exclusively learned. 

A daughter came as a surprise to Erica, who tells E! News that “because I felt different this pregnancy, I was thinking it was a boy.”

“Then I realized she and Holland will be best friends like a lot of sisters are who are close in age, so I’m really excited for them,” she adds. “It will be cool to see how similar or different that they are.”

To celebrate the gender reveal, Erica and Charles posed for an intimate maternity photo shoot. The blond bombshell highlights her baby bump in a black lace dress, while her hubby hugs her from behind.

Read the original story in it’s entirety:

Bachelor Nation is about to get a little bigger!

Congrats to Erica Rose!

Rose first competed on Prince Lorenzo Borghese’s season of The Bachelor in 2006, and later appeared on Bachelor Pad in 2012.
She tied the knot with Sanders last December, in a lavish ceremony in Houston Texas, with Bachelor & Bachelorette alums like Prince Lorenzo, Vienna Girardi, Renee Simlak, Tara Durr, John Presser, Cory Shivar, Holly Julian, Blake Durst, Sadie Murray, Jamie Otis Hehner, Kasey Kahl, Melissa Schreiber and AshLee Frazier.

The Bachelor Pad star told E! News Monday: ‘We are so excited to be expanding our family!’

Baby number 2: 'I love being a mom and making babies lol!'Erica told E! News. She starred on ABC reality show The Bachelor in 2006, picturedErica starred on ABC reality show The Bachelor with Prince Lorenzo Borghese in 2006, pictured

Read more:

Life is like a delicious bowl of cherries, and in this case we are toasting “Cherica’s” baby, Charles and Erica!

Love to you, cherries and cherry blossoms,

Cindi Rose, Erica Rose, Dr. Franklin Rose, Charles, and Holland!

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Introducing “Utopia Growth Factor Enhanced Facials” on NewsFix

Introducing Utopia’s Signature PRP Growth Factor Enhanced Microneedling Facial.

UPDATED! See the video as aired on Monday ICYMI in case you missed it:

 ^PRP facials (sometimes called “vampire facials”) video as featured on CW39 Houston^

Via CW39 NEWSFIX HOUSTON – “A new medical procedure dubbed the “vampire facial” is gaining popularity after celebrities like Kim Kardashian tried it.

“A vampire facial is a very crafty name for a facial that uses your body’s own blood to rejuvenate the skin,” said Dr. Jamal Bullocks, Kelsey Seybold.

“Microneedling is less painful, it’s much quicker and it sort of replaces what we call a lighter, medium-depth peel,” said Dr. Franklin Rose. “So it’s taking the place of certain chemical peels.”


“It’s just a deeper penetration using your own blood, you are really getting in there,” said Lina Matar, who underwent PRP Treatment. “So I think it’s more dramatic of a procedure, but I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Review the original story in it’s entirety as aired on CW39 Houston:


Monday, May 21, 2018 at 5:00 & 9:00pm: NEW, EXCITING techniques in the battle against aging to be featured on CW39 NEWSFIXHOUSTON Monday – Growth Factor Enhanced PRP Facials result in glowing, smooth skin that appears 10+ years younger! Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose and Aesthetic Nurse Brooke Gary of Utopia Med Spa have developed an innovative combination of facial treatments called the Growth Factor Enhanced Facial using the patient’s own PRP (platelet-rich plasma) tissues to minimize fine lines & wrinkles, repair sun damage, tighten pores, improve texture and tone, erase acne scars and more. This type of treatment is suitable for all skin types. Growth Factor Enhanced Facials start by applying the PRP topically followed by microneedling to deliver the plasma into the skin’s dermal layer, followed by a renewing collagen mask for maximum absorption into the skin, resulting in refreshed, renewed, glowing skin looking years younger.
Lina Matar - after PRP facial

Lina Matar – after PRP facial

Linda Matar is a patient who has undergone this popular new facial treatment. 
“#NoFilter!” says Lina Matar (pictured) who turns 48 in July.  “No lines, my face is seriously GLOWING and clear.  It (the PRP facial) took SO many years of damage off of my skin and I look 20 years younger!”
“The main goal of the facial is to improve the quality, texture, and tone of skin in every way possible.” Says Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose. “This anti-aging technique utilizes a unique 3-step process to deliver the growth factor enriched PRP cells deeper into the skin via microneedling, and allowing for greater absorption of collagen and growth factor enriched platelet-rich plasma (harvested from the patient’s own blood), followed by a nourishing, brightening collagen mask. This facial is more effective than most facial treatments that only address the top layer of skin.”

THE SCIENCE: This innovative use of PRP and growth factor enriched techniques has the potential to revolutionize traditional anti-aging techniques. Plastic Surgeon Franklin A. Rose, MD has been studying and implementing this European technique to harness the powerful characteristics of growth factor enriched plasma cells to increase the facial rejuvenation benefits of cosmetic treatments for over ten years.  
Researchers have been exploring the regenerative properties of growth factors and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for years, experimenting with their potential to aid in anti-aging treatments in aesthetic procedures. The source of these cells comes from the patient’s own adipose tissue.  Today, PRP procedures have become widely popular in the “beauty world” being used by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Kobe Bryant and more. 

See this new PRP treatment performed in-action on CW 39 Newsfix on Monday at 5 and 9:00pm with Dr. Franklin Rose and Aesthetic Nurse Brooke Gary.


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