Dr. Franklin Rose featured in the Wall Street Journal

Happy New Year: The Busiest Season for Cosmetic Surgery

    The Wall Street Journal
    DECEMBER 29, 2011


Happy New Year: The Busiest Season for Cosmetic Surgery

Happy New Year: The Busiest Season for Cosmetic Surgery

Beauty takes no holiday.

Happy New Year: The Busiest Season for Cosmetic Surgery December, particularly the latter half, is the busiest time of the year for many plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists and doctors who perform weight-loss operations like gastric bypass. Some doctors say they do twice as many of these elective procedures per day in this period as during the rest of the year.

The reason: After many cosmetic procedures patients want to go underground during the days-long recovery period, which might involve swelling, bruising and oozing. The holiday season makes it easier to avoid interacting with others at work or in school car pools. This year, with Christmas and New Year’s both falling on weekends, a patient can be under the knife or laser beams early in the week and still be presentable by the time the parties start.

For plastic surgeons, the most popular procedures for December are those that require the most time for healing, like face-lifts. Dr. Franklin Rose, a plastic surgeon in Houston, says this month has been his busiest ever. He performed about 20 operations a week, twice the norm during the year. He routinely was operating well into the night, missing out on visits to the gym and attending holiday parties with family. “With surgeons in December, you can have some unhappy wives,” Dr. Rose says.

Read the entire story here: Happy New Year: The Busiest Season for Cosmetic Surgery

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Favorite Inside Edition: Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Reveal

“The #Ivanka Effect!”

UPDATED: Plastic Surgery to Look Like Ivanka Trump?

View the video as aired Nov 5 on Inside Edition below click on the image:

Houston, Texas; November 2018 – Move over Melania – Ivanka is poised to be the NEW “Plastic Surgery Pin Up Girl!” As Ivanka Trump continues to make the news, more and more people are reporting to want to be like her — or at least look like her

Sarah is one such patient who sought out Dr. Franklin Rose for her “Ivanka Makeover.” Sarah’s extensive face and body surgeries included a including a rhinoplasty (nose job), fillers to her cheeks, chin, & lips, liposuction under her cheeks and chin along with liposuction to her upper arms, lower back, abdomen, hips & thighs, with brazilian buttock lift (fat grafts to the buttock area) to achieve Ivanka’s svelte look.

Via Metro UK:

“This might be the 1000th very, very beautiful patient that I’ve operated on; in an odd way, it’s sort of more enjoyable because you can take the beautiful into the hyper-beautiful,” says Dr. Franklin Rose, who received tremendous international media attention when he performed multiple plastic surgeries on a breast cancer survivor wanting to look like First Lady, Melania Trump…..now he is helping his patient Sarah Schmidt achieve her dream of looking more like First Daughter Ivanka Trump!  “I have had many women visit my office wanting the ‘Ivanka Look’ and so it’s not really surprising to see even MORE women now requesting to look more like Ivanka, who is poised, elegant, and graceful.”

Read the story as featured in the Houston Chronicle – Dr. Franklin Rose

Thank you Marcy de Luna for the wonderful write up in the Houston Chronicle - Dr. Franklin Rose

Thank you Marcy de Luna for the wonderful write up in the Houston Chronicle – Dr. Franklin Rose

Sarah celebrated her Ivanka transformation at her exclusive reveal party at Emmaline on Thursday evening with the help of stellar team of Rexberry Events – ensuring another over-the-top fabulous & fashionable event for all those in attendance. This very non-partisan event hosted over 70 guests along with the television crew from Inside Edition & friends for a festive reception welcoming Sarah, Dr. Franklin Rose, friends, family and cameras rolling!

Sarah’s BIG REVEAL Ivanka Trump plastic surgery transformation aired on hit TV show Inside Edition as she revealed her new look to the world on Monday, November 5th. https://www.insideedition.com/media/videos/woman-shows-new-body-after-surgery-look-ivanka-trump-48209


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Nov. 15-Beauty and Wellness Meet a Pretty Face & Skinny Waist!

Utopia MedSpa is thrilled to partner with Aura MD Body for a fun filled evening focusing on weight loss, advanced antiaging treatments, and overall wellness. 


Kindly RSVP via Facebook as space is limited for this special event! https://www.facebook.com/events/1062081177305046/

Aura MD Body, led by Dr. Ashley Toutounchi

Aura MD Body, led by Dr. Ashley Toutounchi

Please join us at Aura MD Body (952 Echo Lane, Suite 210) on Thursday, November 15th from 5-7pm for a night to learn about Weight Optimization, Advanced Anti-Aging, and Overall Wellness. Aura will offer in-depth knowledge and discounted packages on antiaging youthful restoration injection therapies, their Rapid Weight Loss Program, Energy and Lipotropic Injections, and Advanced Youthful Restoration Peptide Therapies (which promote human growth hormones >>Read more here<<).

Having been open less than a year, Aura MD Body, led by Ashley Toutounchi, MD, is already receiving rave reviews for its customized weight optimization and wellness services. Allow Dr. Ashley Toutounchi to create an optimized custom plan for you to help you achieve your personal health goals.

aesthetic nurse, Brooke Gary

Aesthetic nurse, Brooke Gary


Utopia is delighted to have our amazing aesthetic nurse, Brooke Gary, on hand to offer Botox for only $10/unit as well as discounts on fillers. Bubbly and lively libations along with healthy snacks, protein and fiber bars and delicious protein smoothies will be served.


For more information on Aura MD Body please visit www.auramdbody.com

Where Beauty and Wellness Meet a Pretty Face & Skinny Waist……

ABOUT AURA PEPTIDES: CJC1295/Ipamorelin is the combination of two compounds, CJC1295 and Ipamorelin that work together to maximize the body’s natural cycle of growth hormone and stimulate the pituitary gland during REM sleep. The combination of CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin has been developed because the two can act together on the pituitary and hypothalamus to increase levels of growth hormone in your body. It is done in this way to maximize the amount of growth hormone being released into your body for antiaging therapeutic benefit while acting on two separate families of receptors.

Why would I want to use CJC 1295/Ipamorelin?

Increase Bone Density
Increase Lean Muscle Mass
Improve Ability to Burn Fat
Improved Libido
Improve Recovery and Repair from Injuries
Regenerate Nerve Tissues
Strengthen Immune System
Improve Cognition and Memory
Improves Cardiovascular Health


HRRF Fundraiser Celebration October 11th for Breast Cancer Awareness Month Sponsored by Utopia MedSpa

Alira has generously provided over 150 complimentary #makeovers to #breastcancersurvivors over the last six years. The spa also donated $3,500 to the #HollyRoseRibbon Foundation to aid in our shared mission to support survivors on their journey to feel whole again. Thank you Escarle Silva and Alira Boutique Spa & Salon for hosting a beautiful makeover event in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month! We at Utopia Plastic Surgery and Med Spa were proud to help sponsor by donating 100 $150.00 gift cards to attendees along with the help of Katherine Whaley of ABC.

^^ Watch the video! ^^

HRRF Fundraiser Celebration October 11th for Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Alira Boutique Salon to benefit the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation sponsored by Utopia MedSpa

Alira Boutique will host a special event October 11 at 6 p.m. to kick off its annual Breast Cancer Awareness month. In conjunction with the fundraiser, salon owner Escarle Silva has invited a small group of breast cancer survivors to her salon for a complimentary makeover the day of the event.

Connect with your friends who are attending via facebook:

Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose to be Honored
Featured at the October 11 event (6 p.m. to 9 p.m., Alira Salon, 1619 W. Alabama St.), will be
live music, a DJ and cocktails and appetizers for guests. Also featured at the event, world famous silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose, co-founder of the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation, will donate a hand-cut silhouette of each survivor, along with pearl necklace for each participating cancer survivor in attendance.


Aesthetic Nurse Brooke Gary of Utopia MedSpa https://www.instagram.com/brookeginjector/ will be on hand throughout the evening with Botox injections – a portion of the proceeds to benefit cancer survivors via the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation.
(Only $10 PER UNIT for this special event)

Celebrity emcee Katherine Whaley of ABC Channel 13 will present a check from Alira Salon & Spa to the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation and introduce the ladies after their makeovers.

“October is annual national Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which gives me a chance to give back to the community which has become my home,” says Venezuela born Silva. “I have been closely touched by breast cancer as my aunt and two close friends have died from this terrible disease.”

Silva has set up a fundraising page at Eventbrite here: (https://www.eventbrite.com/o/escarle-silva-15274202182) for the $25 event tickets and a GoFundMe https://www.gofundme.com/womenfightingcancer-makeover-day to collect donations to the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation, a non-profit organization that assists breast cancer survivors with reconstructive surgery.

Over the past five years, Silva has graciously treated over 120 cancer survivors with complimentary makeovers at her salon. Two years ago, she received a proclamation on October 13 as “Escarle Silva Day” from the mayor of Houston.

About the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation

Founded in 2005 by Houston plastic surgeon, Dr. Franklin Rose and Cindi Harwood Rose, the mission of the Holly Rose Ribbon foundation is to serve those in need who cannot afford reconstructive surgery after undergoing certain types of treatments for cancer. Cindi also creates Silhouettes For Survivors through the foundation. To find out more, visit https://hollyroseribbon.org/


Thank you to the Houston Chronicle for featuring our Makeover Day Event! -Cindi & Dr. Franklin Rose of the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation

Thank you to the Houston Chronicle for featuring our Makeover Day Event! -Cindi & Dr. Franklin Rose of the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation