Plastic Surgery and Private Jets: how some Houstonians are weathering featured in the Houston Chronicle

While much of Houston faces the coronavirus by stocking up on toilet paper and hunkering down at home, some are chartering planes and even opting for plastic surgery. Social distancing is, after all, the perfect opportunity to recover inconspicuously.

For Dr. Franklin Rose of Utopia Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, elective plastic surgery continues going forward. “The well-to-do are using the break to book their surgeries.”

The Bellaire-area hospital Rose uses caters to elective orthopedic or plastic surgery procedures. Thus, his clients are not taking hospital beds from possible covid patients.

“I have an affluent patient who, instead of cruising with her family in the Mediterranean, is having plastic surgery,” he said.

Patients are not holding back when it comes to the types of procedures they’re selecting. Rose has received requests for breast augmentations, liposuction, and “mommy makeovers” — a tummy-tuck, breast-lift, liposuction combination.

Post-surgery, patients can relax home without a reason to hide the bandages and bruising.

“If they are going the social distance, why not have a procedure done and then lay low and recover at home? They go hand in hand,” said Rose.

Airlines like United and American are reducing domestic and international services to deal with the economic impact of drastically decreasing sales. But that’s not the case for private aviation.

Kinston, N.C.-based company flyExclusive, the nation’s seventh-largest private charter company, is seeing a 20 percent year-over-year increase in-flight requests, including in Houston.

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