#NationalSelfieDay Plastic Surgery to look better on Social Media- by Dr. Franklin Rose

Happy #NationalSelfieDay! Check out the #CyberLift by Dr. Franklin Rose & Utopia #PlasticSurgery and #MedicalSpa as featured on CH 39 in #HoustonTexas

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HOUSTON, TX — Does it take you countless tries to get that perfect selfie portrait on your smartphone, and does your face look bigger than you’d like in your Facetime & Skype chats?

“With social media and such frequent uploads of photos to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, certainly I think images are more prevalent than ever,” said celebrity Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose of Utopia Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa.

However sometimes we don’t like what we see.

“We’ll get those lips nice and full and beautiful for that high definition skyping you’re doing,” Dr. Franklin Rose of Houston, TX said to 19-year-old Mandy who’s trying to make her lips a bit more kissable.
“I have a boyfriend that’s in the military, and I decided to get lip injections to have something new for him,” she said of her decision.
“It’s kind of hard because I miss him, but it’s more exciting when he comes home.”
During their weekly Skype sessions, this already beautiful Hooters girl and pageant contestant still saw room for improvement.
“I’ve seen like Angelina Jolie’s lips and I feel like mine are a little on the small side.
After the short 30 minute procedure, she seemed happy with the results.
“I think he’ll probably be surprised at first like ‘oh my goodness,’ but I think he’ll like it,” she said of her new plumped up lips.
Dr. Rose said quick procedures like this are on the rise.
“Plastic surgery procedures including these types of operations, these so called med spa type of procedures, they continue to increase 10, 15 or 18 percent a year,” he detailed.

He said it’s likely because people are seeing themselves through other’s eyes more often on social media.

“I was kind of embarrassed at first like ‘oh gosh what are people going to say,’ but I heard that a lot of people do it so I was like ok,” Mandy said.
Dr. Rose said it’s like a throwback to the pin up girls of World War II.
“You’re pretty enough that you could be a pin-up for the Iraq conflict,” he told Mandy as she looked at her results.
Hey, whatever it takes to support our troops!
Original story- Channel 39; Houston Texas

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