September Spa Specials

Introducing Gen-Pen: 1 Full Face Session- $550
Regular Price: $675
Unique Utopia Plastic Surgery and Medspa Combo Procedure!
Full Face Treatment designed to stimulate collagen and thicken the dermis, while also improving texture concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and large pores.
We start with a full face session of Non-Ablative Fractional Laser Genesis (no downtime from this type of laser!), and immediately follow with a full face session of microneedling.
1 hour appointment necessary
Can be done as a one-time treatment or monthly, depending on your unique skin needs
3-5 days of redness, mild bruising and dryness are possible side effects
Dysport Challenge: $3.50/unit
Regular Price: $4.50/unit
Try this neurotoxin, an alternative to Botox Cosmetic, to reduce wrinkles in between the eyes, the forehead, and the Crow’s feet.
Average Dosage: In between the eyes: 50-60units, Forehead: 20-60units, Crows Feet: 50-60units per side
15 minute appointment necessary
Mild bruising and injection point swelling are possible side effects
Restylane-L, Resylane Silk, or Resylane Lyft: $550/syringe or 2 for $1000
Regular Price: $600/syringe
The Restylane Family of Dermal Fillers work well to improve moderate to severe folds above the lips, around the mouth, as well as for augmentation or enhancement of the lips, chin, cheeks, temples, or jawline.
Bruising and swelling are common side effects
30-60 minute appointment necessary
DermaPeel: $175
Regular Price: $225
Professional Dermaplaning followed by a peel uniquely chosen for your facial needs.
30 minute appointment necessary
Mild to moderate peeling, redness and dryness for 3-5 days are possible side effects
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