The BIG REVEAL! On Inside Edition

Houston, Texas – October 5, 2022:

INSIDE EDITION: Ozempic Body Reveal!
UPDATED!! see the BIG REVEAL after plastic surgery by Dr. Franklin Rose on ABC’s Inside Edition as aired on Friday, October 27!

Join us at Utopia MedSpa – Uptown Park for elevated eats, festive bubbly, and captivating conversations to celebrate Elyse Messing as she reveals her weight loss transformation for the filming of the hit television show INSIDE EDITION – so be sure to dress “camera ready” – we’re excited to share Elyse’s weight-loss story with you as we reveal her new look after Ozempic for one year and EIGHT plastic surgery procedures on national television!

Featuring wine, bubbly, & elevated eats by Postino Wine Cafe, beats by DJ Robert OZ, Selfie Station by the Lexis florist ROSE COLLECTION & captivating conversations for the filming of ABC hit television show INSIDE EDITION— so be sure to dress “camera ready”—we’re excited to share Elyse’s weight-loss story with you with television cameras rolling—as we reveal her new look after weight loss with Ozempic for one year and EIGHT plastic surgery procedures by Dr. Franklin Rose!

Get ready for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the world of plastic surgery and Ozempic weight loss transformations. Be prepared to be a part of Inside Edition filming Elyse Messing’s journey to beauty, self-confidence and the body she has always dreamed of! This event promises to be an unforgettable evening filled with excitement and surprises.

Discover the secrets and stories behind the glamorous world of Hollywood makeovers and witness the transformation process unfold right before your eyes. Renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Franklin Rose, will be showcasing his expertise and revealing Elyse’s stunning results.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to be a part of Filming The Big Reveal – ABC’s Inside Edition. Mark your calendars and get ready to witness the magic of transformation!

Major Uptick in Body Contouring Procedures Says Dr. Franklin Rose

Pictured from left to right: Dr. Rose’s 33-year-old patient Elyse, before losing 145 pounds and before surgery to address the extra skin hanging on her abdomen, breasts, arms, and thigh areas. We can’t wait to reveal Elyse’s beautiful new body following her extreme weight loss and EIGHT plastic surgery procedures by Dr. Rose including her arm lift, breast lift, and more!

HOUSTON, TEXAS: The latest in viral news stories is the dramatic weight loss everyone has been noticing everywhere, thanks to the rising popularity of celebrities, housewives, and people you may already know taking semaglutide, a medication normally used to treat diabetes that is sometimes called “Ozempic.”

Many have heard the term “Ozempic-face,’ referring to the effect some are experiencing following fat loss in the face that can cause a tired and aged appearance for those on the weight-loss injections.

Increasing popularity of this weight loss miracle drug has sparked an increase in visitors to the office wanting to improve their new, thinner, “Ozempic-body.”

At the beginning of Elyse’s journey, she weighed 285 pounds. After losing 145 lbs she underwent an abdominoplasty/ tummy tuck to reach her goal weight of 132 lbs.

“In 2022, I started gaining weight again and re-gained 45 lbs, and I learned that semaglutide could help,” said 33-year-old patient Elyse. “I am now at my goal weight again and not trying to lose any more weight; although I will probably continue to take a maintenance dose of semaglutide for the rest of my life, it helps control my appetite & hunger cravings.

“Everyone is suddenly showing up 25 pounds lighter,” Andy Cohen, the TV producer who created the “Real Housewives” franchise, tweeted in September.

“Now, after all of the work that I have put in, all the loose skin that remained on my arms, my breasts, my thighs – I FINALLY have the body that I want, that’s right for my size,” says Elyse, 35. “I no longer have all the extra loose hanging skin reminding me when I look in the mirror!”

“Following extreme weight loss; whether for bariatric plastic surgery patients following gastric sleeve or bypass surgery, Ozempic/ semaglutide, the whole body changes.” Dr. Franklin Rose said.

Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose performed EIGHT plastic surgery on Elyse Messing to achieve her dream goals and we can’t wait to show you the results on Thursday, October 5th! Both Dr. Rose and Elyse are available for media interviews by phone and in person.

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