Vienna Girardi Bachelor Pad

Dr. Franklin Rose’s patient Vienna Girardi in the National Enquirer

Dr. Franklin Rose
November 21, 2011- As featured in the National Enquirer

Vienna Girardi Bachelor Pad
Vienna Girardi Bachelor Pad

Many Hollywood stars refuse to age gracefully – instead choosing to go under the knife in an attempt to slow down Father Time.  The Enquirer had top cosmetic surgeons analyze some of today’s hottest celebrities to get their professional opinions in a recent issue with Dr. Franklin Rose‘s patient Vienna Girardi making the cut:
“I love my new nose,” says “Bachelor” and “Bachelor Pad” vet VIENNA GIRARDI, who’s been wanting to change her big schnozz ever since she was 9.  Now 25, the beauty decided the time was right for a rhinoplasty in Houston when she got a look at the new nose of Bachelor Pad cast mate Erica Rose, compliments of her dad, Houston-based plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose.  Vienna made an appointment and, voila, a beautiful new nose from Dr. Rose.

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