Mommy Makeover: Instagram Influencer Marie Dee

Houston, Texas: Marie Dee is an influencer with over one million followers combined on all social platforms. 

THANK YOU Marie for allowing us to showcase & share your Mommy Makeover surgery transformation!! 

Marie Dee is an influencer with over one million followers combined on all social platforms & a mother of two.

We did 360 lipo, removed scar tissue from encapsulation caused by breastfeeding two babies & added a new pair of breast implants as well as did submental (chin) liposuction, along with injectable treatments & more from our incredible team @utopiamedspa – Marie says she “feels like a Barbie now!” 

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Mommy Makeover – Guest vlog by Marie Dee

Join as she undergoes a mommy makeover!
Dr. Franklin Rose performed 360 liposuction, removed scar tissue due to encapsulation caused by breastfeeding two babies, and added a new pair of breast implants as well as submental liposuction under her chin. @marie.dee_ says she “feels like a Barbie now!”

”GRWM: Get Ready with me to get Plastic Surgery! While I’m getting my pre op, my surgery’s next week.
What led me to even get a consultation? I had two babies in about four years. I breastfed them both for about a year combined. Right now in my life, I’m actually a full-time content creator. The way I look and feel about myself is extremely important.

I will be going in for two procedures. The first procedure I’m getting done is liposuction, for my mom pouch, liposuction for my love handles, my upper arms, and my double chin. I’m a pretty small person so I don’t think it will be super noticeable. I’m in front of a camera all the time and these things bother me. The second thing I’ll be doing is getting my implants replaced and going a cup bigger through my combined year of breastfeeding experience. I had a large amount of engorgement and mastitis episodes and it caused trauma to my breast that I got done the same year that I got pregnant with my first. I’m very committed to being transparent and open about everything I get done!”

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