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Whether the kids are back in school or not, your busy schedule requires some self-care. You do so much for others; it’s time to make yourself a priority with a pampering spa experience.
September Spa Specials:
* Dysport $4 per unit
* $100 off ANY Restylane filler
Mix and Match three for $599
* Collagen Pen (microneedling)
* Lime light IPL(photofacial)
* Dermal infusion/Silk PeelLaser Genesis

– For a limited time, until supplies run out

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TruSculpt Now at Utopia Med Spa – office of Dr. Franklin Rose, Houston

to Melt Away Fat and Contour Your Curves…

TruSculpt Now at Utopia Med Spa to Melt Away Fat and Contour Your Curves...

What is TruSculpt?

It is time to get the curves you deserve (and LOVE!)

TruSculpt iD is a safe and effective, non-invasive technology that is clinically proven to permanently eliminate fat cells in stubborn areas. With TruSculpt iD, you can get the body definition you want, even in the areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise.


Pricing starts at $750/session. Call today (713-622-2277) to book a FREE consultation with our TruSculpt specialist at Utopia Med Spa to better understand this technique and how to achieve the best results!

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Add a Little Shimmer to your Summer!


Add a little shimmer to your summer. Here’s what’s haute in Houston.

Add a Little Shimmer

Utopia MedSpa in Uptown Park // Want flawless skin? Try celebrity-approved micro-channeling, also known as a Super Facial, at Utopia MedSpa—office of Dr. Franklin Rose. The transformative service uses micro needles to transport three products directly into the skin surface simultaneously—Platelet-Rich Plasma, Botox and filler. Try on your face, neck or décolletage for radiant, hydrated skin that glows. Learn more on our website and schedule a complimentary consultation to see if this treatment is right for you:

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FAMOUS FEATURES! Plastic Surgery to Look Like Your Favorite Celebrity: A Growing Trend?

Watch the video as aired last night ^^ click the link ^^

May 6, 2019 – Monday on KHOU Channel 11 at 10:00pm; Houston, Texas – Meet three women who went under the knife to more closely resemble their favorite celebrities with Janelle Bludau & Dr. Franklin Rose

For decades patients all over the world have clipped photos from magazines of famous faces and curves, bringing them to plastic surgeons in a quest to look their best. Oftentimes, those celebrities pictured have themselves had work done. Maybe you have even sought out the help of a plastic surgeon as the result of being inspired by your favorite celebrity. If so, you are not alone. Now, more than ever this trend continues to rise in popularity. After all, who doesn’t want to look like the cover of a magazine?


“Photos of celebrities can be very helpful in the surgery planning phase. I can get a better idea of what’s in a patient’s head, what features they most admire,” shares board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose. “Most recently notable are both the three Ivankas and THREE Meghan Markles, however I have had many requests like these over the years to include Melania Trump, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, and of course Angelina Jolie’s famous lips continue to be popular.”

Check out these Houston women who came to Dr. Rose recently to resemble Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Meghan Markle!

Is there a celebrity with a particular feature you admire? Learn more about this growing trend and meet the women who chose to do so as aired Monday on KHOU Channel 11 at 10pm!

Botox under 30? Dr. Franklin Rose discusses the preventative benefits Friday on KHOU

Watch the video as aired last week ^^ click the link ^^

April 26, 2019 on KHOU Channel 11 at 10:00 pm; Houston, Texas: 24 year-old Casandra has competed to find love on many Reality TV shows such as ABC’s The Proposal, MTV’s Are You The One?? & Are You The One: Second Chances.

Casandra now hopes to find love on the next season of Temptation Island in the hopes of finding her perfect match. Casandra has already had a breast augmentation by Dr. Franklin Rose – now, in preparation for filming her next television appearance she is opting for even more cosmetic treatments in the hopes to win love on the show.

Casandra as featured on ABC’s “The Proposal”

SNEAK PEEK: Behind-the-scenes filming with Stephanie Whitfield of KHOU channel 11, Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose & @casmartinezz!

“Botox prevents the formation of wrinkles by relaxing the muscles that can crease your skin,” Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose says. “Patients in their twenties is often a good time to begin Botox treatments for some—right before the lines and creases formed by facial expression have an opportunity to become deeply imprinted, especially when factors such as genetics and sun exposure come in to play.”

Due to her rising popularity as a reality star on television, Casandra says she decided to started getting cosmetic treatments early. “Those vertical lines between the eyebrows and crows feet around the eyes can make you look older on camera, and I wanted to prevent that and look my very best.”

But that doesn’t mean Casandra or anyone else who starts in her twenties won’t want more Botox or other anti-aging treatments in the future.

“Botox, not only prevents fine wrinkles and lines from forming but can prevent the deepening of those wrinkles that you already have that are formed by muscle movement,” says Dr. Rose. “Potentially, if you start early, you will weaken the facial muscles so that you don’t have to get Botox as often as you age.”

“I love the results I get from Botox.” Says 24 year old Casandra. “My crow’s-feet disappear & I don’t look stressed. I don’t remember having wrinkles before I started, but I want to prevent them. I already get fillers and other treatments from Dr. Rose’s office and I just want to up my game and look my very best! I’m not going to stop maintaining my looks any time soon – I am in it to win it!”

Read the story and watch the video in it’s entirety as aired on Friday, April 24th at 10pm on KHOU Channel 11 – Dr. Franklin Rose & Stephanie Whitfield!

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