Introducing “Utopia Growth Factor Enhanced Facials” on NewsFix

Introducing Utopia’s Signature PRP Growth Factor Enhanced Microneedling Facial.

UPDATED! See the video as aired on Monday ICYMI in case you missed it:

 ^PRP facials (sometimes called “vampire facials”) video as featured on CW39 Houston^

Via CW39 NEWSFIX HOUSTON – “A new medical procedure dubbed the “vampire facial” is gaining popularity after celebrities like Kim Kardashian tried it.
“A vampire facial is a very crafty name for a facial that uses your body’s own blood to rejuvenate the skin,” said Dr. Jamal Bullocks, Kelsey Seybold.
“Microneedling is less painful, it’s much quicker and it sort of replaces what we call a lighter, medium-depth peel,” said Dr. Franklin Rose. “So it’s taking the place of certain chemical peels.”
“It’s just a deeper penetration using your own blood, you are really getting in there,” said Lina Matar, who underwent PRP Treatment. “So I think it’s more dramatic of a procedure, but I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Review the original story in it’s entirety as aired on CW39 Houston:


Monday, May 21, 2018 at 5:00 & 9:00pm: NEW, EXCITING techniques in the battle against aging to be featured on CW39 NEWSFIXHOUSTON Monday – Growth Factor Enhanced PRP Facials result in glowing, smooth skin that appears 10+ years younger! Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose and Aesthetic Nurse Brooke Gary of Utopia Med Spa have developed an innovative combination of facial treatments called the Growth Factor Enhanced Facial using the patient’s own PRP (platelet-rich plasma) tissues to minimize fine lines & wrinkles, repair sun damage, tighten pores, improve texture and tone, erase acne scars and more. This type of treatment is suitable for all skin types. Growth Factor Enhanced Facials start by applying the PRP topically followed by microneedling to deliver the plasma into the skin’s dermal layer, followed by a renewing collagen mask for maximum absorption into the skin, resulting in refreshed, renewed, glowing skin looking years younger.
Lina Matar - after PRP facial
Lina Matar – after PRP facial
Linda Matar is a patient who has undergone this popular new facial treatment. 
“#NoFilter!” says Lina Matar (pictured) who turns 48 in July.  “No lines, my face is seriously GLOWING and clear.  It (the PRP facial) took SO many years of damage off of my skin and I look 20 years younger!”
“The main goal of the facial is to improve the quality, texture, and tone of skin in every way possible.” Says Plastic Surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose. “This anti-aging technique utilizes a unique 3-step process to deliver the growth factor enriched PRP cells deeper into the skin via microneedling, and allowing for greater absorption of collagen and growth factor enriched platelet-rich plasma (harvested from the patient’s own blood), followed by a nourishing, brightening collagen mask. This facial is more effective than most facial treatments that only address the top layer of skin.”

THE SCIENCE: This innovative use of PRP and growth factor enriched techniques has the potential to revolutionize traditional anti-aging techniques. Plastic Surgeon Franklin A. Rose, MD has been studying and implementing this European technique to harness the powerful characteristics of growth factor enriched plasma cells to increase the facial rejuvenation benefits of cosmetic treatments for over ten years.  
Researchers have been exploring the regenerative properties of growth factors and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for years, experimenting with their potential to aid in anti-aging treatments in aesthetic procedures. The source of these cells comes from the patient’s own adipose tissue.  Today, PRP procedures have become widely popular in the “beauty world” being used by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Kobe Bryant and more. 

See this new PRP treatment performed in-action on CW 39 Newsfix on Monday at 5 and 9:00pm with Dr. Franklin Rose and Aesthetic Nurse Brooke Gary.


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