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Ivanka Trump is the new plastic surgery pin-up

People are requesting the ‘Ivanka look’
Review the story    May 10, 2017, 3:57 pm
In the cosmetic enhancement world, there’s always been favorites like Angelina Jolie and her incredible lips, and Kate Middleton’s perfectly straight nose.
Now there’s another celebrity lookalike request plastic surgeons are being inundated with, and it’s none other than Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka.

Ivanka Trump & Plastic Surgery by DrFranklinRose
“It’s both facial and body features,” Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. Gabriel Chiu told The Hollywood Reporter. “People talk about [Ivanka’s] cheekbones, how proportionate her face is, the combined features of her eyes, nose and lips.”
For Dr. Frank Lista, it’s all about the mum-of-three’s lowered brow.
“When you have someone who’s extraordinarily beautiful, like a fashion model, they often fall outside the norms of measurement [and symmetry] that dictate conventional beauty,” medical director of The Plastic Surgery Clinic Dr. Lista told Global News.
“But that anomaly makes the face beautiful and interesting. With Ivanka, her lowered brow, [which bucks convention], makes her face look even more attractive to us.”
Getting Ivanka’s look doesn’t come cheap. Just ask Tiffany Taylor who has spent over $80,000 and had a facelift, eyelift, cheek injections, two nose jobs and two breast enhancements to look like the POTUS’ daughter.
“I liked her classic features,” Taylor told People. “I feel more refined and polished, and ready to conquer the business world.”
Texas mum-of-two Jenny Stuart has spent $40,000 in her bid to get the ‘Ivanka look’ with her surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose confirming he’s received more requests from patients. Her surgery entailed liposuction to harvest fat for a Brazilian butt lift, a nose job, breast implants and injectable fillers for her face.
“This might be the 1000th very, very beautiful patient that I’ve operated on,” Rose said. “In an odd way, it’s sort of more enjoyable because you can take the beautiful into the hyper-beautiful.”
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