UPDATED: NEW Facelift techniques featured on ABC

UPDATED: Here is the link to Monday’s broadcast ICYMI- In case you missed it! https://abc13.com/health/stem-cells-from-patients-own-fat-make-the-facelift-new-again/1857112/ … HOUSTON, Texas via KTRK Channel 13 https://abc13.com/health/stem-cells-from-patients-own-fat-make-the-facelift-new-again/1857112/ For many people of a certain age, we feel we can spot a facelift a block away and … Continue reading

2017: The Return of the Facelift!

In the March issue of Allure Magazine Jolene Edgar reports that against the backdrop of flashy, non-surgical breakthroughs, the veteran facelift procedure has been quietly returning in popularity to re-take the throne. Of course it helps that the facelift has enjoyed … Continue reading